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Excellent use of taxpayer funds

Here's an excellent use of taxpayer funds (i.e., "license fees," which are mandatory annual government charges on every television set in England): The BBC has "spent thousands of pounds [Ed: or over $2,000 USD] of licence payers’ money trying to block the release of a report which is believed to be highly critical of its Middle East coverage."

Of course, this account, by the Telegraph, isn't exactly tops for accuracy. "Thousands" of pounds could mean lots of things. £1,100. £10,000. £100,000. You get the idea—we have no clue how much the lawsuit is costing British taxpayers at this point, but it's ironic nonetheless to see the Beeb fighting freedom-of-information requests, considering that such requests are their lifeblood when investigating the British Government.

I wonder if this is the same BBC that my pro-Hezbullah friends keep telling me is "100% accurate" in its reporting of Middle-Eastern affairs? I'm sure the shock of finding out the Beeb's biases will certainly be too much to bear, should this little report be released...

(h/t LGF)


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