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The Blogosphere vs. Eww-Tube?

I am in the process of transferring this content into a more easily maintained category. Please update your bookmarks for the latest on the battle against the YouTube Jihadis!
MyPetJawa is calling for an attack on jihadi videos on YouTube. This is definitely the right approach—if the jihadis and their leftist sycophants are so comforted by YouTube's controls that they can flag anti-jihadi videos, then why can't we do the same?

So, there are a few things we can do to fight back against MartyrdomTube. I'll keep the details posted on the main page for now, but as it gets longer, I'll probably fold the details off into the extended article. Good luck, everyone!

(The article has been folded.)1. Upload Jawa's videos to your GooTube account.

All Your Fakes
Rocket Ride

2. Flag any pro-Jihadi videos on FooTube as inappropriate for being ethnically or racially offensive (because, after all, wishing death on Whitey is exactly that.)

Here's my contribution to the fight—I'm collecting links to all of the offensive videos here. Be sure to click on each one and flag it, in order to be the most effective. As soon as the video is removed, I'll update the link to reflect that fact.

Attack! Take the battle back to the jihadis!

Ye Olde Fashioned Liste of Links

VICTORY! The following links have been removed due to Terms of Use violations! (Flagged as violent. We did do better!) (Removed By User?)

"Duuuuuude. Down with Zionism, man!"
Readers Cheski, mp, Peejz, sam, Sh007r, RD, Stephen, labwrs, and EFG have sounded off on their efforts. My highest regards to them, and everyone else who has participated in this effort! Don't remain silent, be sure to post a comment here and share your progress report with us!

Reader EFG notes that some of the vids listed here aren't explicitly jihadi material. While I can understand that assessment, I've provided links to all of the videos here by visiting videos related to jihadi videos. I have done my best not to provide links to anything "non-jihadi," but I'm bound to miss one or two. My apologies for any that slip through my editorial process, and let this serve as a reminder for everyone to exercise their own judgement on what jihadi content looks like. (I envision a game of "Jihadi Or Not" is in order! Or at the very least, a game of "Terrorist Press Your Luck"...)

Many additional thanks to readers EntropyAtWork and Anonymous for pointing out some other mistakes on the list!

Reader RC2 points to a particularly disturbing example here. I also noticed that YouTube seems to have changed the text on flagging videos from "Racially or Ethnically Offensive" to "Hate Speech." Will they follow the traditional liberal's definition of this new word? I.e., will they ignore anything hateful spoken against the majority?

The following links are still active, so be sure to keep up the good fight!

And here are some new links for today (18 October, 2006):

(In fact, I think just about everything from ShiaMilitant could probably be safely flagged. Any Arabic speakers out there care to comment on his jihadi-praising videos?) (Update: Looking more closely, ShiaMilitant's stuff is pretty tame. Memorial videos aren't really all that controversial unless they're being used to promote jihad—i.e., read the comments to see if you can figure out the context of the video. To respond directly to a particular critic, I'm humbled by your observations, and as usual, I'm more than happy to admit my limitations. I am, as you say, an outsider to both Arabic and Farsi, being "completely uninitated." I commend your efforts to control extremism, and hope that my ignorance won't be a hinderance to my honest efforts to do the same.)

Update 19-Oct-2006: I haven't had a chance to go through the list today. I ended up being tied up for quite a bit longer than I thought I would be. I will do my best to find more videos to add to the list this evening! Feel free to post links to the comments section below if I'm not catching them fast enough. My apologies for not being totally up-to-date.


Okay, so it took me a bit longer to get back online than I thought. Here are some videos for today, 20 October 2006. Once again, my apologies if I accidentally include non-jihadi videos here—please continue to use your own discretion of what's "Jihadi Or Not," and be sure to let me know if anything here doesn't belong.

In case you can't tell, today's keyword is "Al Quds." (Liberate Al-Quds = Kill da Joos) (Recruiting Video for Mujahideen) (Not sure what this is) (Inciting Jihad) (anything Al-Manar produces supports terrorism) ("it was da joos") (Supporting a terrorist organization) ("it was da joos")

Welcome, LGFers! For the afternoon, I think I may toy around with the keyword magic word: Zionist. Again, use your discretion on these videos, and let me know in the comments if you feel that any of them were added by mistake. I'm not trying to be too sweeping here. (Anything you do, I can do f--kin' better, yo.) (HOW ABOUT YOU STOP HIDING BEHIND CHILDREN??) Al-Manar Alert (al-manar alert) (ditto) Supporting Hezbullah (Thanks for the warning, homey) HEZBULLAH Inciting Jihad Inciting Jihad Yeah, the "Red Crystal" did it all... (George Bush didn't teach me about killing Zionist pigs in school, either...) (That's because "Arafat Walked Out" doesn't make a good headline, jackass.)

Update 20-Oct 23:28: It's possible that YouTube has changed their policy, and rather than deleting "hate speech" videos, they're merely hiding them behind a generic Flagged Inappropriate for Some Users warning. I haven't seen any in the latest batch get deleted, but quite a few have suddenly started hitting the former "age-sensitive" page (which, oddly enough, no longer mentions age.)


3. Rank anti-Jihadi videos with 5 stars. Add them to your favorites. These are the good guys, and should be rewarded as such!

(I think this one ought to get six (6) stars, on its, uh, merits alone. GO ZIONISM!)

How's this for shocking? Or this? Probably old news, though...

4. SOUND OFF! Leave a comment on this thread noting your activity. We'll make sure you're sufficiently rewarded for your efforts, even if it is only virtually!



#1 Cheski 17-Oct-2006
OK, did them all.
#2 mp 17-Oct-2006
ok, did it too
#3 Peejz 18-Oct-2006
Done and will direct a link to you!
#4 Brian 18-Oct-2006
Thanks for the excellent work, everyone! Keep it up! (And thank you VERY much for the link, Peejz!)

#5 max 18-Oct-2006
Did too.
#6 sh007r 18-Oct-2006
did all of them, I'll keep an eye on this, thanks!
#7 RD 18-Oct-2006
Thanks for doing the legwork in locating the videos of these scumbags. You keep posting and I'll keep flagging and rating on YouTube. BTW, not only should we flag as "violent..." or "offensive..." but rate this islamic propaganda as "poor".

Keep fighting the good fight.
#8 Stephen 18-Oct-2006
thanks for the R&D, will return for more. Happy to!
#9 labwrs 18-Oct-2006
Done and done. Great work! I appreciate the "one stop shopping" as I would never have been able to locate some of these!
#10 EFG 18-Oct-2006
Hey, I support what you are doing. This Jihadist crap needs to be stopped. And YouTube banning a conservative viewpoint is B.S.

But some of these links don't seem to deserve being banned.
I have no idea what this one is about. I don't speak Arabic, and there are no subtitles, and the action seems unremarkable.

This is a newsclip of a Arabic newstation interviewing a gunman. Is is Hezbollah? I don't know. Can't speak arabic. No subtitles. Anyway, what's banable about a news interview? I hate Hezbollah with a passion. But what's banable about this?

This is a humvee launch a missile that hits a Soviet Style tank. The title says something about Allahu Akbar, which indicates Jihadist crap, but this looks like an advertisement for the effictiveness of the U.S. Javlin missile, not I.E.D. photo footage. looks like they are trying to glorify blowing up Isreali troops, so...FLAGGED.

OK, I flagged this. Inciting kids to join the Intifada. OK. Flagged.

Wouldn't load, so I couldn't watch it.

Again, preaching, no translation, no visable violence.

Again, preaching, no translations. All I saw was this guy getting a little slap happy with himself.

Flagged this one. It appeared to show people throwing stuff at a burning tank and saying Allahu Akbar. Jihad DENIED.

Total Jihad video. Flagged it as fast as I could.

So out of 9 videos, I flagged four as being Jihadist agit-prop. But the five others, either seemed to be innocuous, or were in Arabic and I couldn't translate them.

One thing I did note is that some of these Jihad videos are being categorized as Science and Technology, and have misleading titles. One, which showed Jihadists shooting at U.S. troops was called "Paintball game."

#11 Right Voices 18-Oct-2006
Snapped Shot has a request for all of us that are angry about You Tube’s selective censorship of videos. The Jawa Report has more info. Please follow this link to make a difference.

#12 EntropyAtWork 18-Oct-2006
Some of these videos dont appear to be Jhihad propaganda.
this one for example, is only a video showing the new US LOSAT HMMWV system in action.
this one is just a collage of Iraq war images. Very powerful, actually, if you ask me. Nothing really anti-american or anything.

Lets not go crazy and ban everything having to do with the military and iraq. It is only the Jihidi propaganda that should be squashed.
#13 Anonymous 18-Oct-2006
This video on your list to have banned:
Is not a jihad video. This is a USArmy training video which has appeared many times on various media although it is quite old.

This issue of anti-jihad speach suppression is important. Don't discredit the movement by posting non-problem videos to be hammered by the readers.
#14 Brian 18-Oct-2006
Thanks for pointing that out, Anon. I will remove it from the list *immediately*!

Everyone else, keep a sharp eye for others that I might have missed.
#15 Brian 18-Oct-2006

Thanks for pointing those out. I've removed them from the list. I'm not advocating banning *everything* related to the Iraq war, or to Lebanon, but in the process of collecting Jihadi videos, I may have accidentally included some that don't belong.

#16 MoleOnABull 18-Oct-2006
Good work! Just did them all.
#17 RC2 18-Oct-2006
Sorry, something slipped up. Annon is really me.
#18 RC2 18-Oct-2006

Unbelieveable. My vote for the worst of the worst.

Jump on this, kill it quickly.
#19 Josephine 18-Oct-2006
Sometimes, when I try to click on the final box for flagging a video, my cursor doesn't turn into an arrow, so I can't click on the box. Other times, it works just fine. Does anyone have any suggestions?
#20 Greg 18-Oct-2006
I did it, thank you for the opportunity to stick it to these animals.
#21 Beth 19-Oct-2006
Flag the users, too.

Start with this one, since he's got a bunch of the jihadi videos listed:

To flag users, just copy the above and change the username.

Nice work collecting the links!
#22 MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 19-Oct-2006
Tags: YouTube, AllahTube, cyberjihad, jihadis

GO HERE; there’s a collection of videos to flag. (Hopefully, he’ll keep updating the list!)

And better yet, if you have time, flag the users.

You will notice that they’ve changed ...
#23 Wild Thing 20-Oct-2006
Thank you for this information. I sure will flag these
#24 captainfish 20-Oct-2006
I uploaded Rocket Ride... and it was deleted from my account.
#25 Styopka 20-Oct-2006
Completely agree.
Many of these videos are just preaching...nothing there to object to.
#26 Aylios 20-Oct-2006
daily Jihadi-whack-a-mole done!

keep up the good work guys.
#27 Alex 20-Oct-2006
good to go
#28 kasper. 20-Oct-2006
here's a clue that video is titled:

al qaeda 9.11 islamic terrorist attack

the tags are:al qaeda, 9.11 terror islamist attack 911 muslim high jackers.

description: islamist terror al qaeda muslim 9.11


why don't you flag these too?...

sign in to watch,you will know then why this is flagged.

how about this one?...
#29 Sam Houston - Throwing Heat 20-Oct-2006
YouTube continues to make it difficult for anti-Jihad videos to survive very long on its website despite allowing pro-terrorist Jihad videos to remain online. As most of you know, viewers can "report" individual videos that they consider to be offensive or inappropriate for a variety of reasons listed by YouTube.
#30 jason 20-Oct-2006
Just a hint, you can flag the videos multiple times in the same view, not just one and done.

Let's jihad the jihadis!
#31 ReasonisaGoodThing 20-Oct-2006
Check out the YouTube comments under the anti-jihad videos. So much for hate speech being banned...
#32 max 20-Oct-2006
Second round done.
#33 IllTemperedCur 20-Oct-2006
Just flagged a bunch of them. Gotta do my part.

I'm tempted to flag all of these as sexually explicit, simply because sex is a pretty intense pressure point for Muslim men. Although, I'm not sure that they'd get the joke...
#34 Don Deskins 20-Oct-2006
Oh man, keep up the good work! We need to keep up the fight against these murderers!
#35 JonB 20-Oct-2006
Has ewwTube always had a policy of forcing people to "sign up" before being able to flag something as inappropriate?
Help on the best method of keeping private info private while signing up would probably be useful to others who want to help out here.
#36 mackie 20-Oct-2006
*Thank you* for posting these videoes. I have supported your efforts by flagging the offensive videoes and evidently many have been removed.
#37 AllahIsDogPiss 20-Oct-2006
Praise be to Allaah, Lord of the wicked. May the Peace and Blessings of Satan be upon His messenger, Muhammad, his family, his companions, his facist followers and the idiot pigs from amongst his nation.
#38 Jim C. 20-Oct-2006
There's a small problem with automatic links. This page will be recorded as the referrer. That could cause problems for you.

A way around that is to just code the links as text which will make people copy and paste them into their browser. That's a bit harder for people, but it'll nullify the the referrer.
#39 Brian 20-Oct-2006
Thanks for your support, everyone! Keep up the excellent work, and make sure that the Jihadis know that we're out here!

Jim C.—Yeah, I figured that might be a problem, but I wanted to make it as convenient for people to use as it can be. You can right-click on the link and have it opened in a new window to bypass the referrer information as well, but it doesn't bother me to know that YouTube sees us here.

#40 Grandserge from Quebec 21-Oct-2006
Well, I think this is good news. Since I found your page through LGF, I went over to Youtube to check it out. I didn't care to follow your orders blindly, so I did check out what what what. But after going through the list you posted, I searched Youtube for "hezbollah" and went on from there. Over the last 12 hours or so, I've seen a lot of videos. Along the way, Raed93 and HEZBOLLAH90 videos became unaccessible. BECAUSE THEIR ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN TEMPORARILY BANNED. nacera23 is still active though, I guess, because I can't access Youtube now. I can't log on to the site for some reason. I've been trying for 10 minutes. I'll try later.

We have to show them that we're out there. A good friend of mine agreed with what I did and he went to Youtube on his own. I'll check in later to get his feedback. We're fighting on the homefront. We're doing good, even if Israel has made mistakes. I support Israel, I oppose those who blindly follow Mohammed. I've made my choice. This isn't because of you, but thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Thanks a bunch.
#41 Brian 21-Oct-2006

"My orders?" LOL! You definitely give me far too much credit!

Congratulations on the job well done! Keep up the good fight!

Warmest Regards,
#42 Grandserge from Quebec 22-Oct-2006
*salutes* SIR, YOUR ORDERS, SIR! lol Ok, so you didn't order me to do anything. I just believe in a cause and I could be mislead. I hate being mislead. I don't think you'll object if I DON'T follow you blindly: I think reason will get us through this, not just convictions and opinions. Thanks to everybody who help me become a better person, which includes those who point me in the right direction. But you know the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, so don't stop now. Rock on!
#43 BuddyOne 22-Oct-2006
Started on Friday afternoon and just finished. That was an education, Brian.
#44 Tony 22-Oct-2006
I'll be ckecking back here often and flagging as many as you post (and some more on my own as my schedule permits). I will not allow their propaganda and will fight it whenever I can. Keep up the excellent work here!
#45 Bim 23-Oct-2006
Ditto - Did them all

There was one video that especially upset me - consisting almost enitirely of hypocritical displaying of dead and injured children. Poor little innocents being displayed for propoganda purposes. I find this most disgusting.

Unfortunately the terrorists are winning the media war due to this heartless propoganda. I think that this is something that will gradually change and in no small part due to the net/blogging community. Thanks Brian.
#46 Johnny Abercrombie 23-Oct-2006
Do it yourself.
#47 Clayton 29-Oct-2007
"The following links are still active, so be sure to keep up the good fight!"

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