The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Daily Dictator

Eternal Sunshine of the Senseless Mind

Okay, on second thought, today's gonna be a twofer. After all, it's "Twofer Tuesday!"

Find me a picture of the U.S. Military marching around with a large portrait of any president. I dare you!



#1 C.McMichael 24-Oct-2006
I'm really surprised that you don't get at least 300 comments a day... or is my browser not showing something?

Love your site and work. Keep it up!
#2 Brian 25-Oct-2006
LOL! Thanks very much for the kind words! I don't think you're missing anything—I get about 300 *spam* comments a day, but real people only check in on occasion... I hope you continue to enjoy the site, and keep me posted on things I'm doing right (and wrong)! :)

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