The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

The welcome wagon

The Snapped Shot Welcome Wagon.
My schedule may soon prevent me from blogging as actively as I have been, so to help ensure that you continue to get the insightful, informative, and sarcastic content that you've come to expect from Snapped Shot, I've invited a couple of guests to come and write for the site.

Allow me to introduce Rooster and JewMaroo, two good friends of mine who prefer to remain anonymous. They'll be chiming in shortly with their own introductions, but with the addition of these two knuckle-heads, the level of sarcasm on this site just went through the roof. I can't promise you that these guys will give you the most in-depth analysis of current events, but I can guarantee that they'll be 10 times as controversial, and about a billion times funnier than I am.

If any of you other scoundrels kuffar distinguished readers would like to contribute to this website, drop me a note! I'm always looking for good help!



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