The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Flying the Surly skies

This looks better than they really fly...
... apparently, Aeroflot is being caught up in the current dispute between China and my favorite little maniac chia pet. Not that you'd ever feel safe enough in an Aeroflot plane to actually pay them for flying you somewhere.

(Let's just say that their local—i.e., within Russia—service could stand to be improved just a touch... the plane we flew on when we were over there was something approaching 40 years old, and it appeared to be held together by the highest quality aviation repair kit, ever.)

The sad thing, though, is that even though the condition of their internal airline is fairly deplorable (if you ever have the opportunity, be sure to fly the alternates), their service was far and above anything I've ever gotten from certain other American airlines. Of course, maybe they were just pampering me because I was the only English-speaking individual on the flight... Who knows? Just be prepared for the moment when you walk past the pilot into the plane. To a non-Russian, the smell of alcohol on his breath may be a bit shocking, but they really do drive better that way. I'd assume that this rule carries over into their piloting skills as well.



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