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Georgetown, Saudi Arabia?

Typical Georgetown professor.
This particular story isn't really big news, since Georgetown hasn't been a "Christian" institution in at least fourty years. But, in case you missed it, it would seem that the University has just now officially joined the caliphate. I'm sure the rights of everyone (well, except those dastardly Christians) will be eternally assured from henceforth on.

At least I'm comforted in knowing that the "dedicated" "human rights" "activists" at the People's Peace-Seeking University caved in on their closely-held beliefs (recall Islam's treatment of women and gays, which is reinforced by wahabiist teachings) for good ol' capitalist money. Or, rather, mere dictatorial money, since Saudi Arabia can hardly be considered a free society...

Georgetown University does not deserve one red cent from the Vatican until it actually starts teaching Catholic beliefs.

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#1 Skip 25-Oct-2006
Georgetown has one of the nation's better Islamic Studies departments. The gift is logical. Daniel Pipes had best husband his efforts for better causes.

Moreover Georgetown is a Jesuit School and can survive an attack for the usual suspects in the The Lobby.
#2 Brian 25-Oct-2006
Thanks for the input, Skip, though I'm not sure why Georgetown would have anything to worry about from Daniel Pipes and "The Lobby"—by which I presume you mean "Those Dastardly Zionists?" Debate is only acceptable as long as one parrots the most politically-correct line, eh? (Which, of course, would make it more of a "monologue" than a "debate," would it not?)

I can comfortably say that I'm extremely wary of "Islamic Studies" departments in general at this point. In fact, if I may be so bold, I'm rather wary of *every* ethnic-studies department, and would absolutely be delighted at *any* semblance of a return to "genuine" classical education, rather than our current post-modern "feel good" puffery. But hey, if you "feel good" about yourself, even though you don't know much of anything, that's good enough... right?


(I reckon an "Islamic Studies" department *could* be considered to be more in line with a traditional "seminarian" education, but is it *really* appropriate at a supposedly-Catholic school?)

Brian, Evil Card-Carrying Member of the Evil Zionist Consipriacy.
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