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The New French Revolution?

Is this the beginning of the end for France? It sure seems like France is heading for membership in the Caliphate fairly quickly at this point.

Mixing rap music with memories of France's revolutionary past, youths from poor neighborhoods of largely Muslim and African descent marched through Paris on Wednesday to present a collection of 20,000 complaints to lawmakers.

Good Lord, that's a LOT of complaints. What's the matter? Is the Government not giving you whiny turds awful hooligans distinguished Frenchmen a large enough slice of Gub'mint Cheese?

If you awful people wonderful examples of peace would put as much time into making employment for yourselves as you do complaining about your supposed mistreatment, you'd all be fairly wealthy by now.

Here's my new proposed motto for the French Caliphate: "France: What else did you expect from the country that invented socialism?"



#1 captainfish 25-Oct-2006
France: Come visit now before its too late.

France: Applying for sanctuary status.

France: An Endangered Species.

France: Yep, we asked for it.

France: Too pissed off at USA to care about anything.
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