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Degrees of Insanity

Degrees of Madness (via Ali Bubba) has the perfect response to the nutroot's latest scheme against we eeeeeevil Republicans. Great idea, guys! Count me in!

Connecticut: Ned Lamont
Maryland: Ben Cardin
Michigan: Debbie Stanbenow
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Montana: Jon Tester
New Jersey: Bob Menendez
Tennessee: Harold Ford
Virginia: James Webb

Democrat Held Seats

(CO-03): John Salazar
(GA-03): Jim Marshall
(GA-12): John Barrow
(IA-03): Leonard Boswell
(IL-08): Melissa Bean
(IL-17): Phil Hare
(IN-07): Julia Carson
(NC-13): Brad Miller
(PA-12): John Murtha
(WV-01): Alan Mollohan

Republican Held Seats

(AZ-08): Gabrielle Giffords
(CT-04): Diane Farrell
(CT-05): Chris Murphy
(CO-07): Ed Perlmutter
(IA-01): Bruce Braley
(IL-06): Tammy Duckworth
(IN-02): Joe Donnelly
(IN-08): Brad Ellsworth
(IN-09): Baron Hill
(FL-13): Christine Jennings
(FL-16): Tim Mahoney
(FL-22): Ron Klein
(KY-03): John Yarmuth
(NC-01): Heath Shuler
(MN-06): Patty Wetterling
(NM-01): Patricia Madrid
(NY-20): Kirsten Gillibrand
(NY-24): Michael Arcuri
(NY-26): Jack Davis
(OH-15): Mary Jo Kilroy
(OH-18): Zack Space
(PA-06): Lois Murphy
(PA-08): Patrick Murphy
(PA-07): Joe Sestak
(PA-10): Chris Carney
(VA-02): Phil Kellam
(WI-08): Steve Kagen

Update: Michelle, does COUNTER-Googlebombing count too? Ouch!




#1 mad_cow 26-Oct-2006
Your in! I had never heard of a Googlebomb until I read about this at Right Wing News. But not knowing what the heck I'm doing has never stopped me before, so I'm now a Googlebomber.
#2 Brian 26-Oct-2006
Thanks for getting this kicked off, mad_cow! You've done an excellent job of rounding up appropriate links for these folks!


My hat's off to ya,
Warmest regards,
#3 mad_cow 26-Oct-2006
Brian, I can't take credit for the Googlebomb or the list. John Hawkins at Right Wing News did that and I copied and pasted from his site!

There's a story in the New York Times about the Democrat's Googlebomb, but nothing about the response from the Republican bloggers. Here's the link:

Also, thanks for the link!
#4 mad_cow 26-Oct-2006
Also, sorry if my first comment was a little confusing! I did not mean to imply I started the Googlebomb. I need to practice my comment skills!!!

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