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The Religion of Peace (and nukes)

The press is lying to you whenever they suggest that Iran intends to use its nuclear technology peacefully.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards fire the Shahab-3 long-range ballistic missile [ed.: to all of you dummy liberals out there—there is only one use for a "long-range ballistic missile."] in the desert outside the holy city of Qom [ed.: shielding their nuclear test sites with holy cities now too? How noble of them!]. Iran began 10 days of war games amid a mounting standoff with the West over its nuclear program, official media said.(AFP/Mehr News)

Update: Curses! Sweetness & Light beat me by mere minutes on this one!



#1 captainfish 02-Nov-2006
Its for bringing electricity to Iran's outlying areas. Place a nuclear electrical generator on top of this mobile delivery system, and voilah.... transportable electricity.

See, there is always a logical explanation.
#2 captainfish 02-Nov-2006
I just visited Sweetness' website....

Does it look like to you that several of those missles were going into a second stage ignition?? Isn't that rather odd for such an ignition so soon after launch?

If so, then are they really long range missles? I have no basis for this query, but made me curious.
#3 Brian 03-Nov-2006
Yeah Cap'n, I'm seeing the same thing you are. I think they're supposedly testing their multi-warhead delivery systems, and from the looks of those pictures, they seem to be working as designed.
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