The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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"I very happy at dis news. DEATH TO AMERICA!"
The New York Times has reported today that Iraq was close enough to a working Nuclear weapons program, that the documents from that program are enough for Iran to build nukes. Why do I get the feeling that a certain homocidal dictator is pleased by this news?

Say what? Slublog has an interesting analysis of Times articles covering the topic.

Obviously, the Times is trying to smear the Administration by saying that it was reckless to put these documents online, but the question we all want to know is: "Does this mean that Saddam was in fact very close to having nuclear WMDs?"

Very interesting. My Democratic Party deathwatch just got that much more interesting!

Update: SeeDub at JunkYardBlog is suggesting that this isn't really news, and that Iraq wasn't really that close to building WMD. Interesting if true.

Update again: My favorite former spook has chimed in on this event, with as much eloquence and gravitas as always. Thanks for your wisdom, Spook86!

Here's a roundup of everyone talking about this. My hat's off to all y'all for your excellent coverage: RightWinged, AllahPundit, Michelle Malkin, USS Neverdock 2, novatownhall, instapundit, LGF 2, The Red Stater, Ray Robinson (who might have started this all)



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