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Distorting Context through Photography

Where is the context in this picture?
If you see photographs like this in your local newspaper this weekend, be sure to check out the companion story, which explains the background that I guarantee you will not be told with the pictures--as the story told in print is totally different than the story told by the photographs and captions sent across about it!

From the AP's story: BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip--Israeli forces fired Friday at a group of women who streamed to a Gaza mosque to serve as human shields for gunmen holed up there, killing one and wounding 10, Palestinian officials and witnesses said.

The dead woman was one of several hundred who heeded a call by Hamas militants to ring the mosque in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun. Their presence allowed the gunmen inside to escape, ending their 19-hour standoff with soldiers parked outside in tanks and armored personnel carriers, the army and militants said.

There are very few innocents in the Palestinian territories. The citizenry there is completely intertwined with the terrorist mafia that controls the entire region. Sadly, instead of trying to report truthfully (although full credit is due to the Associated Press for actually reporting the above story, and my sincerest gratitude is owed to Yakub Ralwah for filing the report), the press is more often interested in wholly simplistic re-tellings of the story of David and Goliath, with the "Zionist" state inevitably playing the role of Goliath. Whether this is due to the Press' gullibilty, or whether the press is complicit in enabling and protecting the terrorist regime that's ruling the Palestinian serfs, remains to be seen.

Civilized human beings don't do this.
In related news, it appears that police elsewhere in the West Bank have clashed with "armed members of a local family," who proceeded to light the entire force's vehicle fleet on fire. Anyone who denies that the Palestinian territory is controlled by murderous thugs is either intentionally lying, or is completely blind to reality.

I'm going to round up photographs of these events in the extended article, so as usual, be sure to continue reading to see the completely one-sided photographic report filed on the wires. (Also reported at Sweetness & Light, Yoni the Blogger, and LGF)

Update: It appears that the militants in question have either hosted, or had someone else host in their place, a glorious press conference. Also, the Sun has chimed in.

Update again: Someone at the AFP likes terrorists so much that they described this event as "a daring rescue by heavily veiled women." Yup, you read that right. The daring rescue of armed murderers from the evil Zionist army! The AFP should be ashamed for letting such a grotesque caption come across its wires!Notice how the photographer tries to hide the real nature of this gathering, by suggesting that it is a protest. This is the highest level of dishonesty, and illustrates perfectly the levels to which the press will go to lie to you.

Women shout anti-Israel slogans during a protest at the entrance of Beit Hanoun town in the northern Gaza strip, November 3, 2006. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)

The following is unbelievably slanted! I suspect that someone at AFP really enjoys seeing dead Jews!

Palestinian women flash the V-sign for victory as they try to approach an Israeli tank during a demonstration at the entrance of Beit Hanun during an Israeli army incursion. Gunmen escaped a besieged mosque in a daring rescue bid mounted by heavily veiled women as Israel pressed a Gaza offensive that has seen 27 Palestinians killed in three days.(AFP/Mohammed Abed)

Why was it that the Israeli Defense Force was firing in these women's direction? CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING PHOTOGRAPH, which sums it up clearly enough for me:

Palestinian militants fire a mortar shell against Israeli troops during an Israeli army operation in town of Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, Friday Nov. 3, 2006. Troops seized Beit Hanoun on Wednesday in their fiercest bid in months to halt Palestinian rocket fire on nearby Israeli communities. On Friday, Palestinian gunmen holed up in a mosque escaped as Israeli forces fired at a group of women who streamed to the scene to serve as human shields, killing one and wounding 10, the army and witnesses said. At least two of the escaping gunmen were disguised as veiled women.(AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

The locals quickly organized a spontaneous protest--though, based on the fact that Hamas requested these women act as shields to the murderous scum hiding in a religious building, it's not beyond belief to think that this protest was just as pre-planned. Not that you'll figure that out from the captions (though credit is due to Mohammed for mentioning the "human shield" angle):

Palestinian women take part in a Hamas rally against Israeli troops operation in northern Gaza strip November 3, 2006. Israeli troops shot and killed two Palestinian women acting as human shields between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen during a clash at a Gaza mosque on Friday, witnesses said, before the gunmen escaped. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

Now how's this for comedy? The militants involved held a press conference, now that they're safely protected by the press against the IDF:

Masked Palestinian members of Hamas' armed wing speak to the media during a news conference in Gaza City, Friday Nov. 3, 2006. The militants gave their account on how a group of Hamas gunmen fled from a mosque surrounded by the Israeli army in northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun Friday. Militants holed up inside the mosque escaped Friday after hundreds of women who streamed there to serve as human shields provided cover for their flight, the army said. Two women were killed by the Israeli army during the incident. (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Uh, Hatem—these women were killed by the militants that put them at risk. The IDF was merely the weapon that the insane, murderous "militants" used.

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#1 Gur 03-Nov-2006
I'm pretty sure the insignia on the girl is Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade... for what it's worth, having read your bio, check out Sam Harris's "The End of Faith", it's a lucid read on rationality over faith and the morality therein... other than that, your site hosts some of the scariest mug-shots out there, keep up the great work!!

all the best- AG
#2 Brian 03-Nov-2006
Thanks for the recommendation, Gur, but I do consider myself to be a faithful Christian. In a rational way, of course.


Warmest Regards,
#3 Brian 03-Nov-2006
Oh, and thanks for pointing out that that's an al-Aksa logo. I'll update the article as soon as I can to reflect your tip!

Regards again,
#4 Another Rational Christian, London 03-Nov-2006
Can't fathom these women who hold up the KOrancid, containing such ditties as,

'your worth is half that of a man'

'it's not marital rape, it's islam'

#5 Karridine 03-Nov-2006
Good Work!

These Muslim 'leaders' have led the Muslims AWAY from *The Glory of God*, AWAY from the One promised by Christ, and AWAY from human decency! SHAME is upon them!
#6 Brian 03-Nov-2006
Karridine and ARC,L:

Could not agree more! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

#7 anon 03-Nov-2006
Great work, thank you! sad to say this is what we will have to deal with for the next century! There is no honor in death for a stupid cause! It doesn't matter if it is man, woman or child, if you choose to die via Islamic rule, you still choose, therefore go before the True God and be judged! May his mercy far out reach mine!
#8 Joy Wolfe 04-Nov-2006
Brian you really are a star
Firstly congratulations on the quality of your photos and your abilitiy to find the right picture to fit the story
Congratulations are due to Reuters and AP and other individuals who have correctly put this in context by referring to the "human shields"
What your pictures reveal is how easy it is to paint the right or wrong picutre with just one photo and how willing people are to distort the truth with the use of pictures and captions.
The problem is how do we get reporters like Jon Snow of ITN, Jeremy Bowen of the BBC, Chris McGreal of the Guardian, and the LA Times and NPR to accept the clear evidence of what is going on!!
As someonoe who spends half her life on Media Response trying to get the truth about the Israel/Palestinian conflict, I thank you for this really valuable resource
#9 T Lopakhin 04-Nov-2006
'Women shout anti-Israel slogans during a protest at the entrance of Beit Hanoun town in the northern Gaza strip, November 3, 2006. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)', states one of those captions.

In fact, to be more precise, they're shouting anti-Jewish slogans, as you will hear if you watch the video on Britain's Channel 4 News. See here: and click on 'watch the report'. They are shouting something about 'ya yahud', which means the Jews. If you look carefully at the footage, at approx. 1 minute 26 sec in, you'll also see that some of the women have their children with them - nice tactic.
#10 ric ottaiano 04-Nov-2006
this is truly a clash of civilizations and the sooner we realize that, the better...Brian: great work! I'll be returning here often.
#11 ric+ottaiano 04-Nov-2006
...and I've added you to my blogroll.
#12 Brian 04-Nov-2006
Joy, Anon, Ric—Thank you [u]very[/u] much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoy the site, and I'll do my best not to disappoint.

T. Lopakhin—Thanks for the link! As soon as I get a chance, I'll update the story with that video, which everyone *must* see! That's pretty stunning stuff, even if it is kinda expected in the region at the present. (It's a shame that reporters never bother to *report* little tidbits like this. I guess antisemitism is one of those things they can "accidentally" overlook!)

Warmest Regards,
#13 T Lopakhin 04-Nov-2006
I've put some of the video stills of the children on my blog here.
#14 Patricia Pender 04-Nov-2006
l just want to bring up our own MSM's lack of truth in reporting. Remember the Church of the Nativity fiasco with contributions by the Human Rights individuals adding to the hype. They never reported what one Catholic Priest reported of the desecration by the Human Rights people using articles from the altar for personal use to them. To bad we did'nt have pictures of that.
#15 Dan 04-Nov-2006
Hi Brian,
I came here from LGF with high expectations, and I am glad to say that you lived up to it. After years to the MSM telling us the stories(Come to think of it! No wonder these journalists call their works stories; after all they are high on fiction!) that they wanted us to hear, rather than report events as they really were.
#16 Where's The Beef? 05-Nov-2006
How many of the heavily vieled women were actually men in disguise? How many of the men inside the perimeter escaped heavily vieled? How comon is it for women of this political bent to actually be so heavily vieled? How common is it for the men to hide behind the viel.

Has this garment been weaponized for all the world to see?
#17 alaa 02-Dec-2006
we all in it is our right its our land
all nation know that .
#18 Brian 02-Dec-2006
By "we all in it," I assume you mean you're all supporters of terrorism?

Not telling us anything we don't already know there, sir.

#19 Lee Hara 06-Nov-2007
I suspect that you are the one using this forum to distort reality. I know the story of the women and Beit Hanun and hundreds of men and children, including militants but mostly civilians were being trapped in that mosque by surrounding IDF forces. The women took the initative to try to save their families. If they are human shields-where are the militants they are protecting?? You do need the story to see that they are unarmed. Who are the ones who have the weapons here??

Your website is extremely dangerous, purporting to demystify news photgraphy for the poor ignorant public who can't figure it out for themselves while really your site is just another angry forum to dessiminate racism and hatred.
#20 Brian C. Ledbetter 06-Nov-2007

It was stated [i]very[/i] clearly that there were militants with rocket launchers mixed in with the crowd at Beit Hanoun, and that it is very likely that they were able to escape in women's clothing thanks to the very [i]help[/i] of the women who responded to Hamas' [i]literal[/i] call for "human shields."

Question: If Hamas [i]themselves[/i] put out a call for what [i]they[/i] call "human shields," am I merely disseminating "racism" and "hatred" for pointing it out? I think not.

I'll cc: this to your e-mail inbox in case you're just trying to do a drive-by of this website.

#21 Paul 11-Dec-2007
Great job, Brian. It's about time someone took the media to task for their junk news and sound bites. Also, great job exposing terrorist tactics. They wear plain clothes and mingle among crowds of non-combatants (if there really are any) in a blatant attempt to take advantage of Western sensibility, i.e. refusal to target innocents. People need to know this if their ears and eyes are open. Keep it up.
#22 Joseph H. Meyers 16-Mar-2008
You are truely a Zionist sicko!!!
#23 s a 20-Jan-2009
Got to agree with Joseph.

#24 Me 27-Jan-2009
you are very sad people.

to think that you are not even supposed to have your own state then you go and illegally occupy someone elses and claim in as your own.

shame on you all.

you its a real shame that humans like you exist in this world.

as already stated:

Zionism = Nazism
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