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The complicity of the press

If you doubt for one moment that the press is complicit in the murder of innocent civilians on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, check out the following picture:

Just a regular press conference? (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Did the press glorify this too?
Do you think the press would have fawningly covered the Klu Klux Klan this way? The Third Reich? The Italian Mafia? (Well, okay, so they did kinda fawn over that last group.)

Why, then, do they feel that it's okay to be used as Public Relations advisers to the terrorist thugs that run the West Bank?

  #Thug Conferences


#1 anon 04-Nov-2006
I think the democrats did, but then again, I need to check my history! Byrd hangs in my mind, like a bat in a bell tower? why?
#2 Brian 04-Nov-2006
Why, Anon, I haven't the *foggiest* idea why that would *possibly* cross your mind.


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