The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

It is interesting to note

... that when Jim Jeffords tied up control of the Senate six years ago, with a 50-50 tie broken by Vice President Cheney, the GOP bent over backwards to arrange "power-sharing" of the body by splitting chairmanships between both parties, which the Democrats demanded. In an AP article from 15 days ago, I noticed that the Democrats were again prepared to demand such an arrangement, but now that their 51-49 majority is cemented, the idea has been completely scuttled. Instead, they are crowing as if the American people gave them some sort of mandate for extreme liberal governance, or that somehow the American people voted to impeach Bush.

The moral corruption of the Democratic party will never be outdone by the RNC's chronic stupidity.

Someone wake me up when it's '08. Hopefully, the GOP will learn how to be ruthless by then.


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