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The Religion of Peace (and burning Belgium?)

... in other news, Belgium is concerned about "religious tensions" breaking out in rioting.

Let me guess: Those dastardly Christians will be rioting and firebombing Brussels again? Or will those sinister young Hasidic Jews be setting fire to buses?

Gimme a break. This is what you get when you don't stand up for your own culture, idiots! Enjoy your trip down the tubes, Europe. It's going to be a fast ride to the bottom.



#1 forest 27-Oct-2006
At least this Belgian article addresses 'religious tensions'. It might be a small step in the right direction.
The British press is hung up on the misconception that recent incidents involving "youths" are racial in nature. It could be a terminal case of PC in the UK.
#2 Brian 27-Oct-2006
Good point, forest! You could be on to something here. Maybe they *are* waking up to the dire situation they're in, slowly but surely....

#3 captainfish 27-Oct-2006
hahahahahhaaaa. Well, even dim bulbs are useful sometimes.
No, if France and England are any sign of the coming destruction, then surely Belgium is capable of its effects as well.

France and England have given up policing certain areas due to the high crime rate by immigrant muslims. Not the general crime rate, ... the crime rate against the police force!!

Anyone with a spine please stand up?
#4 Brian 27-Oct-2006
And now I'm dashed back down to reality. Thanks for smacking the sense back into me, Cap'n. DOOMED!


(In all seriousness, I hope that Europe wakes up and recognizes the threat that separatist enclaves mean for them. Based on Europe's track record so far, though, there's really not much reason to "hope" yet...)

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