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Conduct Unbecoming a Senator

I'm going to cite a paragraph from a certain Senatorial campaign's press release. Close your eyes, read it to yourself (okay, maybe don't close your eyes then), and imagine someone like this actually being seated in the Senate:

You Have Not Earned the Right to Question _________’s Recollections of War – So Just Shut Up

__________ and his campaign hit men this week chose to again attack ________ and his military experiences, this time by taking passages from ____’s novels to try to suggest that the explicit war time experiences ____ writes about are demeaning and repugnant. [Ed: Oops! Forgot to redact a couple!]

The campaign responsible for this utterly chilish rant? Well, as if you didn't already know the answer. (By the way, this is the same Senatorial campaign that coordinated with a certain newspaper to try and scuttle his opponent with a wholly invented racial slur. The irony is all too delicious at this point!) These jerks should be kept as far away from power as humanly possible.

Oh, and as an aside, at least they get two points for shamelessly pandering to the nutroots:

Perhaps if you had read Webb’s book, you would not be so quick to take his experiences and attempt to twist them for selfish, personal, political gain. Perhaps if you had purchased Webb’s books and at least read about these types of atrocities, you would not have been so gung ho about blindly following the misguided and malfeasant actions of another man who did not witness firsthand the ugliness of war, George W. Bush.

The Allen campaign's semi-official response is here. I couldn't have said it better myself! Go George, go!



#1 Ace of Spades HQ 27-Oct-2006
Jim Geraghty thinks the "penis in his mouth" stuff is playing rather badly in Virginia. Was this a shabby thing to make a big deal out of? The Allen campaign emails to say it's not shabby, it's playing by the...
#2 captainfish 27-Oct-2006
At least Pres Bush is man enough, moral enough, strong enough, religious enough, loving enough to talk about child sodomy and defend it as some war story.

I'm sorry, consider me old fashioned. I don't think there is any place in literature or media for child pornography/sodomy/rape unless it is a medical journal or an autobiography.

And, I am starting to wonder if Webb's books fall into the latter.
#3 plunge 31-Oct-2006
Given the fact that 3 different polls have Webb over 50 and over Allen, looks like it backfired. Virginian voters just aren't buying it.

The scene:
1) is something Webb witnessed and is a reality in some parts of rural Asia
2) it isn't described in a titilating way: and Webb's characters are both disgusted by it: the whole thing is used as an illustration of how alien they find the culture they are in

Even people on the right seem to agree that it's a highly dishonest attack, and voters seem to agree.

Look's like George Allen has found his "Hitler ad" and shot himself in the foot.
#4 Brian 31-Oct-2006
First and foremost, the latest Rasmussen poll shows that Allen is continuing to gain in the race. And secondly, if you want a "dishonest attack," I think we can *all* agree that "Macaca" takes the cake.

We'll see the answer for sure on the 7th. What this race is *really* about is seeing whether the liberal Northern counties in the Commonwealth have enough population to override the more conservative "greater Commonwealth." It'll be interesting to see if this year will be the blue-county tipping point or not.

Thanks for your input, plunge! Be sure to weigh in again after the election, so we can reflect on what the results mean for our Commonwealth's future.

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