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One blogger's fight against GooTube Jihadis

Offended by this graphic? Do your part to stop Islamic terrorism, and images like this will no longer be necessary!
(This article has been backdated to fit correctly into the chronology. The actual date-of-publish is 30 October, 2006.)

A while back, the Jawa Report launched a campaign against Jihadi videos on YouTube, and I responded with an orchestrated collection of offensive links. While my initial efforts weren't perfect (as I don't speak Arabic, Farsi, or any other foreign language which appears in the videos), we successfully flagged a large handful of offensive pro-Jihadi, genocidal videos.

In an effort to become more organized, I'm re-posting the original content of that first thread into separate articles.

The steps necessary to combat YouTube Jihadism, slightly modified from Rusty's original list:
1. Upload Jawa's videos to your GooTube account.
2. Flag any pro-Jihadi videos on FooTube as inappropriate for being ethnically or racially offensive (because, after all, wishing death on Whitey is exactly that.)
3. Rank anti-Jihadi videos with 5 stars. Add them to your favorites. These are the good guys, and should be rewarded as such!
4. SOUND OFF! Leave a comment on this thread noting your activity. We'll make sure you're sufficiently rewarded for your efforts, even if it is only virtually!

With that in mind, we initiated the fight back against YouTube Jihadis most efficiently. Here was the first set of videos, posted on the 17th of October, all of which were removed for violating the YouTube terms of agreement (which have since been modified):


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