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More evidence of British dhimmitude

Yep, I'm infringing her "human rights" by publishing this picture, too!
Apparently, the police in Kinsington, England, are forbidden from publishing CCTV photographs of a con artist because—this is rich—posting photographs of her in shops around the area would be a violation of her human rights.

How d'ya figure? Maybe because she's pretending to be a wealthy woman from Dubai, and to post photographs of such an assumed (Muslim) personality would imply that we're forbidden from showing her photograph around?

Or does it "prejudice" the local merchants against an obvious con artist, thus depriving her of her livelihood?

It's cute that the ever-helpful police went so far to tell the jewellers targeted by this woman that they should detain the con girl themselves! Talk about an excellent use of the public treasury!

Police have still not collected the CCTV footage from Ms Kurtenbach, but she was advised by a Pc over the phone to try to hold the woman herself, dial 999 and wait for officers to arrive.

I'm amazed that England even bothers to exist any longer. The P.C. goons are definitely doing their best to erase every last vestige of Anglican culture from it...


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