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Crikey! Undescribable rape epidemic Down Under!

Here's a good measure of "self defence."
In light of the brouhaha surrounding the Aussie "rape" sheikh, it's interesting to see The Australian report about a long-running spate of rape attacks and other assaults around Brisbane. What makes the report so interesting, as usual, is that they leave out any details that might be useful, such as the ethnicity, background, height, et. cetera. of the suspected perpetrator(s). Or, dare I say, the religious affiliation? After all, there is a certain group in Australia that seems to have an extreme predilection towards rape.

Typical in-depth reporting!

Hint to Australians: If you want your women-folk to "feel" safe, defend them! This means (a) dealing harsh justice to the perps, and (b) giving them the ability to defend themselves without fear—whether via guns or other lethal weaponry—and without fear of being prosecuted for defending their lives and their livelihood against thuggery. (More often than not, the perp deserves to be removed from the species in any case, does he not? By which I mean, the recidivism rate of sexual predators is somewhere in the general neighborhood of 100%.)

If you can't trust your own citizens with lethal weapons, why do you expect those alien to your culture to respect you?

To my esteemed readers: Why don't you take a moment to sound off and tell The Australian who you think is responsible for this rape epidemic, since they can't be bothered to describe the perps by themselves. The comment link, as usual, is below!

Update: Guffaw!



#1 Brian 30-Oct-2006
For the record, my bet is on *wild packs of Amish Aborigines*


Can't wait to hear some of everyone else's suggestions!

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