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Truth in advertising

From the Times of India, we hear that Sikhs and Hindus are taking umbrage of the British authorities lumping them in with Muslim crime with the generic "Asian" label. What's good for the Diversity Goose is good for the gander, no?

The attack on British political correctness comes nearly a fortnight after the high-profile sentencing in the Scottish city of Glasgow of three 'Asian' Muslim men who horrifically killed a young white man, Kriss Donald, in a racist attack that shocked Scotland and much of the world.



#1 forest 17-Nov-2006
It's about time they started to disapprove of the British habit of using the term "Asian" as a substitute for "muslim".

I recently had a discussion with a (very lefty) friend of mine who now lives in the UK. She told me that a study showed that 10% of young UK muslims approve of honor killing. It turns out that Sikhs, Christians, and Hindus were included in the sample, but she assumed "Asian" meant "Muslim".

PS - the links aren't working for me tonight.
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