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Changing of the Guard, Palestinian-style?

Is he militant enough to survive in the Palestinian territories?
Well, it's not "Palestinian-style," since nobody's been killed, but in a strikingly peaceful process, the terrorist groups peace-loving children's charities Hamas and Fatah have agreed that Mohammed Shabir, a U.S.-educated professor, will be heading the next unity coalition in the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Mr. Shabir is formerly a professor at Gaza's Islamic University, and has a doctorate in microbiology from West Virginia University. It should be noted, that while Islamic University might not be openly as hostile as al-Najah University, made infamous by its display celebrating the Sbarro bombing in 2001, it has hosted a memorial service to the terrorist leader Sheikh Yassin, with the full support of the University's faculty and administration.

No word yet on whether or not Mohammed has actively participated in or encouraged some of the more violent activities in the region, we're merely told by the Associated Press that he has ties to both Hamas and Fatah. It will be interesting to see what other ties are made apparent, as scrutiny on Mr. Shabir increases.

Are there any readers who know more about Mohammed Shabir? Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!


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