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Daily Dictator (North Korean Happiness Edition)

Many thanks to FReeper TigerLikesRooster, an American ex-pat living in (if memory serves) Japan, for rounding up these pictures so succinctly.

A desk where Kim Jong-il used to sit while he was a student at the school.

Who knew that the Dear People's Korean Leader, Generalissimo "Li'l Kim," sat in such an ordinary classroom? I could've sworn that he was born and raised in Russia. As usual, the rest of the roundup can be found following the break.According to TLR, these photos were taken by a French photographer, Philippe Chancel, with the cooperation and permission of the North Korean government, due to the photographer's proposal that he be allowed in to take pictures of the most beautiful things in all of North Korea. The photos were published in the German magazine der Spiegel, with the presentation adjusted to more accurately reflect the poor condition of the North Korean population.

(I've scaled the photos down to thumbnail size, due to them overflowing my template layout. Click on each picture that you want to view, and you'll get the full-sized version.)

Human panel and other mass performance at Arirang Festival commemorating Kim Il-sung's birthday. [ed.: Wow! Cool birthday party! It even has a giant picture of a handgun in it!]

Two flowers, Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia, commemorating two (father and son) dictators.

The Monument for N. Korean Worker's Party.

How very Soviet of them.

Another mass performance including human panel. [ed.: Is that Hitler back there?]

Human panel trying to show that N. Korea is the paradise of children.

Kim Il-sung Square. The Great Leader is dead but he remains as an eternal president of N. Korea according to N. Korean constitution.


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