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Once a terrorist

... always a terrorist? At least, from the evidence presented by Gateway Pundit (h/t Larwyn), that seems to be the case.

It would appear that one of my favorite little tyrants might have a long history of committing terrorist acts. It's not definitive (as if any digital photograph could possibly be declared 100% true at this point - the photograph in question is purportedly an enlargement of an archived AP photograph, found by the Russian newspaper Kommersant), but it certainly raises a rather interesting question, which is thus: THIS is the man that Europe WANTS us to negotiate with?

Hey Europe: GET BENT!

Update: AllahPundit and an expert or so are casting doubt on this actually being a matched identity.

Curses, foiled again? Could be.

To the original theory's defence, I'd suggest that the man in the 1970's photograph is tilting his head down, so it's possible that his hair outline is being distorted by the angle. I'd also pay close attention to the ears, as they're one of the most significant traits which can be used to identify a person (due to the fact that they don't change significantly as one ages).

In either case, the photographs available online are too low-resolution to work with, and as a result, we're left to speculate. If only someone could post some higher-resolution copies of those photographs...

Оцин Пужалста?

In a brief update again, commenter jasnell at the HotAir thread linked above filtered the photograph through a few filters, and shows that it's possible that the hair only looks dark due to the deep shadow under that guy's lip. Stack that up as another possibility, Allah.

The hair on his chin?


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