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The Religion of Peace (and rockets)

A rocket lies on the ground near the Kibbutz Nir Am after it was fired by Palestinians in Gaza November 16, 2006. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Thursday Palestinian militant rocket fire from Gaza could not be stopped in 'one fell swoop', appearing to rule out a massive military push into the strip. REUTERS/Amir Cohen (ISRAEL)

Not one word of condemnation from the Useless Nations Security Council. As usual.

Is Ehud Olmert too cowardly to fight back with sufficient force (yes, that means "war," but what do you call firing unguided rockets at CIVILIAN areas?) to prevent this kind of attack? Or is he too hamstrung by incompetent politicians in the Untied Nations, the U.S. State Department, and a press that's absolutely hostile to the Jewish state?



#1 forest 16-Nov-2006
The UN Human Rights Council:

It was the third time the UN's most powerful rights body censured Israel since its creation earlier this year to replace the highly politicized and much-maligned UN Human Rights Commission.

"The council voted 32-8, with six abstentions, to approve the resolution sponsored by the body's powerful Muslim bloc. Most European Union members voted against the resolution because they considered it too one-sided, but France abstained. Israeli Ambassador Itzhak Levanon said the special session was another example of the council's lack of objectivity. "Those who pushed for this special session are conspicuously ignoring tragedies in other parts of the planet," he said.

China, Russia, and Cuba joined members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in supporting the resolution."
#2 forest 16-Nov-2006
I forgot to mention, the council has not censured any country but Israel.

Human rights violations:

Israel - 3
Rest of World - 0

This is madness.
#3 Brian 16-Nov-2006
Very astute analysis, Forest! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us!

#4 forest 16-Nov-2006
Thanks Brian - but it's getting way too easy to criticize the UN these days - even the AP via Boston Globe is doing it!

Maybe the UN should make an effort to be a little less despicable.
#5 Brian 16-Nov-2006
LOL! And with that, you're dutifully asking a fish to breathe air.

The United Nations has completely outlived its usefulness. The only thing it can do that will *improve* world peace at this point would be for it to make like the League of Nations and vamoose.

Or something like that. Thanks again for the comments! I hope the site continues to be worth reading!


Most Respectfully,
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