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Nice Signage

I used to say that I love Libya for one reason alone—"Big Mo" Khadafi. Err, make that al-Gathafi. Now, I have another reason to love it—poorly proofed protest signs custom-made for Western photographers. Case in point:

Words of the ages, indeed:
"Injecting Our Children By Aids Virus
Is A Major Mass Murder And Human."

(AP Photo/File/Yousef Al-Ageli, 27 May 2005)

Of course, it's not a new photo, but I'm betting that you haven't seen it before, either!


  #Historic Photojournalism


#1 fbs72 08-Dec-2006
Heh, wtf is this? Have you been smoking the stems again Brian?
#2 Brian 08-Dec-2006

That's pretty cute, but I can assure you that it's not me. For starters, I generally use proper grammar when I write things, and a cursory glance at "Brian C. Led"'s other posts on TheRanter, whomever that is seems to shy away from following "da rules."

To make matters worse, I have absolutely no inside information on al-Sadr, though I am proud to say that I know quite a few Marines that would delight in capping that angry little fella. "Que sera, sera," I say.

Is impersonation the highest form of flattery? One can only wonder...

Regards, and thanks for the amusement,
#3 Brian 08-Dec-2006
(Though I will say that the imposter's depiction of me as a "Loud Mouth" is, sadly, mostly correct. ;) )
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