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It seems that William and Mary president Gene Nichol [ed.: Thanks to Baron for the correction.] is not backing down on his quest to remove the "century-old" cross from the 260-year-old Wren Chapel. Considering that Gene also contributed to the decision by the school to not fight against the NCAA's (or as I like to call them, the "Indiannapolis Bandits") conquest against the Tribe's feathers logo.

To all W&M alumni: Now might be a good time to withhold your support from the College's Administration. They certainly don't seem to have the interests of the College in mind.

As always, you can share your spine-growing suggestions with Gene at [email protected], and thank him for being such a spineless weenie.

Update: Baron Bodissey writes to inform us that he is hosting a petition to have the Cross restored to its rightful place in the Chapel. I plan on signing it--do you?



#1 Baron Bodissey 20-Nov-2006
Just a minor correction -- it's "Nichol", not "Nichols".

I'm a William & Mary alumnus, and we've been posting frequently on both these PC topic. See:

There's a petition that can be signed.

You'll like my revised "Tribe" logo. The new mascot's name is "Plucky"...
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