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Embedded with the Enemy

Ok, so the latest tactic in the Palestinian territories is for terrorist groups to issue calls for "human shields" to come and protect their "warriors" in their residences, after Israel announces an imminent attack on the militant's home. As a result, you get shots like this:

Palestinian women barricade themselves on the roof of the house of a Palestinian militant in Gaza November 20, 2006. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

Here's something interesting about this photo: Mohammed Salem feels so secure in knowing that Israel will not attack a group of civilians, that he's placed himself on the roof with them, directly in the line of fire.

Ok, there are two things to take away from this scenario: First, the "militant" being targeted by Israel is, I guarantee, nowhere near his house when these "human shields" come to defend him. Why risk his life, when he can risk the lives of dozens of civilians? And second, if Israel has the chance to strike dozens of Palestinians, but chooses not to, wouldn't that imply that they are not a "murderous regime?"

Don't expect the press to pick up on that storyline anytime soon. They're bound to continue representing the story in the same idiotic "David vs. Goliath" manner as they have in the past, to nobody's advantage. They'll never come around to speaking the truth, which is that the "brave" Palestinian militants need to cower in fear behind Civilians in order to survive.

Israel probably ought to change tactics, and stop pre-announcing attacks on militant residences. The population there has more than proven its affinity for terrorism. Why not let them actually experience the fruits of their terror-loving lifestyle? It's a good start that they've finally planned to start striking the political leaders that enable these terrorist scum, though. We'll see if the first few high-level Hamas leaders to get knocked off make a difference.

Not that Palestinians support terrorism or anything.

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#1 James F McEnanly 14-Mar-2008
Weren't Goliath, and his army Philistines, from who the Romans took the name Palestine to describe the area. Also, consider that david was Islaeli. If there any heirs to David in this mess, they are speaking Hebrew.
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