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Fellow Blogger in the Thick of Beirut

My good blogger friend Jeha has written from the middle of the anti-Syrian demonstrations in Lebanon. His initial report is far more insightful than what you'll get from the news stations, and a more detailed report is slated to be posted to YaLibnan as well.

To summarize what he wrote via e-mail to me, the first party in Lebanon to shoot first will lose, and according to the insight on the ground there, Syria shot first. This has resulted in a shift in the populace, instantly aligning the entire Christian community directly behind the anti-Syrian elements in the government. Good news for getting the last vestiges of Syrian interference (by which I mean Hezbullah) out of Lebanon? It's too early to say.

One of the biggest points Jeha stressed was that if the United States were to come in and try to "mediate" between the two parties, or to otherwise try to respond to Hezbullah's threats to destabilize the region, then Syria will win. He thinks that the Christians on the ground there can, in the same manner as what happened on March 14th, be victorious once more.

Jeha, you stay safe over there! The blogosphere would definitely be worse off without your insights!

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