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On Cowardly Lions

The Al-Quds Brigades thinks it's "all that," if you'll pardon my use of the street colloquialism that's so common today. How else can you explain their latest press release, issued after they fired yet another rocket into Israeli civilian areas (well, it appears they succeeded in hitting a desert, anyway)--despite there supposedly being a cease-fire between the Palestinians and the Israeli army:

Al-Quds Brigades, Islamic Jihad’s armed wing [ed.: Isn't that something like saying, "The U.S. Army's armed wing?"], says launchings response to IDF’s killing of its members; ‘We promise to strike the enemy twice as hard for the breach (of the ceasefire). We will increase the horror in the hearts of the Jews and their cowardly army,’ group says in statement...

To the distinguished gentlemen inhuman animals at Al-Quds: Brave, civilized armies fight on the field of battle. They fight amongst themselves, soldier to soldier, doing their best to protect the civilians who are under their protection.

What do you animals do? Fire at unarmed civilians. Use your citizens as mobile terrorist-shields. Hide in the houses and alleyways in your neighborhoods.

I'm thinking that the IDF is the more honourable of the two entities, for some strange reason. Oh yeah, and that Al-Quds is a bunch of uncivilized cowards! Keep up the great work, brave soldiers of the IDF. If the uncouth martyrs of the Al-Quds Brigades have to stoop to issuing press releases recounting their bravery, you're obviously doing something to make them unsure of their manhood.

After all, as they say--Those that "got it," don't need to "shout it."

Or something like that.


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