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Wren Chapel cross restored!

Update: The Cross has been "restored" 7 days a week, per Gene's latest move. I commend the school for at least making an effort to resolve the issue, instead of ducking behind PC weenieness.

The Washington Times has reported today that College of William & Mary president Gene Nichol has chosen to restore the Wren Chapel cross to its rightful place.

For 1/7th of the week.

Cross to return to Wren Chapel
The great cross debate at the College of William & Mary is resolved -- sort of.
President Gene Nichol announced yesterday that the 2-foot-high, century-old bronze cross removed from Wren Chapel in October will be returned to the chapel on Sundays.
He hoped to appease some of the more than 7,000 people who signed an online petition to return the cross.
The Liberty Counsel, a legal advocacy group with ties to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, even threatened a lawsuit.
Mr. Nichol originally ordered the cross removed to help non-Christians feel more welcome in Wren Chapel. The chapel is in the Wren Building, which is used for secular meetings, including schoolwide events.
Mr. Nichol said he doubts his solution will please everyone.

Gene, considering that your resolution to this problem was... well... not exactly complete, I am delighted to tell you that I am pleased. 1/7th of the way.

I definitely appreciate you giving we meager Christians our symbol in the Chapel for our Holy days. But by doing so, you still miss the point!

The Wren Chapel is an historic monument, privately restored by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to appear exactly as it would have in the Commonwealth's Colonial days. By removing a religious symbol which has been present in the Chapel for the entire period of its existence, save for perhaps a few years of occupation during the Revolutionary and Civil wars, you have altered its appearance, thus violating the terms and conditions under which John D. Rockefeller, Jr. established the Williamsburg project!

I'll tell you what, Gene: If we're going to meet half-way, let's do so in a more reasonable manner:

How about leaving the Cross in the Chapel all the time, in its proper historic place. (which would be respectful to the sacrifices made by the very men who built the College!) If non-Christian groups wish to use the Chapel for their own services, let it be their responsibility to request the removal of the Cross temporarily. They would still be free to use the Chapel, without altering the permanent appearance of the Chapel, or otherwise insulting the religion which single-handedly built the College.

In other words, quit trying to re-shape history to fit your distorted view of the world, Gene. More than anything else, doing that will make everyone unhappy with you.

Merry Christmas, Gene. I hope that the significance of this Season will not continue to be lost on you.

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#1 Dee McClanahan 21-Dec-2006
Excellent Post. Excellent Points.
To take a religious symbol from a CHAPEL just to appease those non-religious or non-christian is a complete appeasement and an act of cowardice. What now, an insistence that muslims remove all muslim religious artifacts during their college meetings cause non-muslims may use the same area at some point in time?

And people still think that Christians and Christmas are NOT under systemic attack.
#2 Dick Jeffries 08-Jan-2007
Concerning the William and Mary Cross
and our Christian Heritage in general...
I appreciate the fact that the Cross
has been restored, part of the time.
It needs to be all of the time.

People are free to believe as they
please. But, America was founded
on God's Word and the Christian faith.
Anyone who is against Christianity
is certainly welcome to go to some
other country!

Jesus died and rose for all who will
repent and trust Him. There is NO
other way to Heaven! (John 14:6).
It is the duty of all Christians to
share the good news of the Gospel.
But, I am really sick of those who
are trying to take away our freedoms
(we that are Christians) while they
are enjoying the freedoms that
Christians fought and died for, not
to mention the most important
sacrifice...which was Jesus who
died to FREELY give us Eternal Life.

Thank you.
#3 Brian 08-Jan-2007

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us - I could not [i]possibly[/i] agree with you more. If only more of our citizens understood the history of our grand Nation!

(You don't perchance work for Unisys, do you? I used to work with someone by your namesake.)

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