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The Religion of Peace (and child abuse)

I got my hopes up when I first saw Vinnie's headline CAIR Shuts Down Blog. I'll be honest here: The first thing that popped into my head was, "Sweet! They're pulling the plug on Ahmed's blog?"

Sadly, that was not the case. It turns out that Ahmed (who has taken the time to comment here at Snapped Shot) is actually coordinating an effort to get Right Wing Howler shut down, which has so far been successful!

Ahmed, are these the innocent civilians that you're so innocently defend? If so, we're not amused. I stand with Howler--If the Muslim world wants to be treated with respect, perhaps it should behave in a manner which deserves such respect!

Just an "innocent" mockup of a bazooka?

Playing an "innocent" game of "Kill the Jews?"

Ahmed, your cries of discrimination would be more fitting, if it weren't so easy to come up with imagery of Muslim children embracing violence. Perhaps y'all should get your house in order before casting aspersions on the poor, innocent blogosphere?

I'm going to continue posting examples of Muslim child abuse (yes, Ahmed, inciting your children to behave violently is abuse!) after the break. If any of you readers have other good examples for me, feel free to chime in on the Comments. (Ahmed, you're welcome to chime in too, as always!)

(Consolidated) Update: It was initially thought that Vilmar may have been taken out of context, but after reviewing the original text (below the fold, courtesy Google Cache), it can be conclusively shown that he did in fact say what Ahmed Bedier is alleging.

The wrinkle?

He was goofing off with a parody article!

Do parody and satire count as "Hate Speech?" Can it be considered "incitement to violence?"

I don't personally think so, but I'm no legal expert. Any readers care to enlighten us on Florida law here?

Nice! An honourable mention on IMAO. Thanks, guys! Now... where'd I put the "blush" key?

This topic is also being covered by: Stop the ACLU, Barking Moonbat, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller.Here are my original updates, preserved for full context:

Update: Rusty writes to say that he thinks that the shutdown of Right Wing Howler would be justified if Vilmar really did say that all Muslim children should be killed. He also suggested that it's possible that Vilmar was taken out of context, but considering the runaround that Vilmar has given him via e-mail, it's not probable that this is the case.

Frankly, I'd almost go either way here. If Vilmar was taken out of context, it's definitely absurd to have the website shut down. And even if he did say it in all seriousness, I'd still most likely consider it to be "venting," and say that an immediate shutdown is an overreaction. Of course, if such a statement is truly a violation of the ISP's terms of use, then I reckon Vilmar doesn't have any room to wiggle there, and should start shopping for a new provider PDQ.

It is still ironic to me to see Ahmed Bedier bleating about the "innocent" Muslim children, considering the ease by which I was able to come up with examples of such "innocent" children openly behaving in a most non-peaceful manner.

Update 2: Thank Heavens for Google Cache. Here is the actual content of the article that put Ahmed in a tizzy:

Makes sense to me. After all, if Muslims are raising their little crumb-snatching, curtain climbing, ankle biting rug rats to strap on bombs in order to kill us, it is logically correct to assume that in order to stop that from happening we need to kill all Muslim kids. Starting now.

Here’s a taste:

As responsible parent and possible future parents, we have to make sure our children don’t have to deal with the terrorism that plagues us now. The only way to do that is to kill all the Arab kids.

“If you support America and children, then you should be for murdering Arab kids.”

Many Arab kids will grow up to be terrorists who will then blow up our kids who will now be adults (but not any longer after they get blown up). If we kill the kids now, they won’t grow up and become terrorists; biologists confirm this. That’s why killing all the Arab children is a workable solution to spare our own children. What also helps with this plan is that numerous scientifical studies have confirmed that children are much easier to kill than adults since children are small and weak and don’t run fast. Thus, this plan is extremely smart. So why has it not been implemented? Because of irrational beliefs, that’s why.

Some object to killing Arab children since they think that killing children is wrong. I don’t see why people bring that up since that is completely off topic. We’re talking about making sure our children don’t have to deal with terrorism, and an argument about theoretical “morals” only clouds the issue. Save the navel gazing for pretentious college students.

Others object to this as genocide, but only a moron would do that. I’m not saying we should kill all Arabs; I’m just saying we should kill all their children. Think before you speak.

The most frequent objection is that killing all Arab children is misdirected since many Arabs aren’t terrorists and many are even Christians who seldom behead people who don’t deserve it. The suggestion is then that, to spare our children from terrorism, we kill all the Muslim children. That’s just stupid. Children aren’t “Muslim” because they’re too young to be a part of an organized religion. Thus, you can’t kill “Muslim children” because there are no such thing. There are Arab children, so we can kill them. It’s just being practical.

FrankJ at IMAO has the rest.

Okay, so he was posting an article from another blog, and then endorsing the concept? Eh, I'm not sure what his TOS is, but it's pretty clear that he wasn't completely taken out of context. What do y'all think? Is this ban-worthy? A lawsuit magnet?

Update 3: Man, I can surely be dense sometimes. IMAO is a parody website. Which means that Vilmar was participating in parody, not seriously endorsing that we start killing all Arab children.

My apologies, Vilmar. You're absolutely not in the wrong here!

Traditional Snapped Shot Pile of Photos

My favorite tired old insult.

Caring for the children... by using them as chields?

And, of course, by letting them "play with fire."

Or by putting them in the line of fire?

Or the ever classic glorifying jihad!

The Religion of Compassion... to murderous thugs!

Muslims do love a good protest. Especially against da joos.

I'm sure that this is the father of a loving and tolerant child...

Like this peace loving kid?

Or these aspiring Jew-killers?

... Not that there's anything wrong with affiliating with a party that seeks to throw the Jews down the well... right?

The hump of peace and tolerance.

You are, indeed. Fine examples of "peace" from Pakistan.

Pakistanis NEVER train their children to be VIOLENT, right...?

Real loving. Real tolerant. Nothing like a good conquest to recapture Al-Quds and kill all the dirty Jews, right?

Ahmed, you have any thoughts on all of these "innocent" children? They've obviously been completely brainwashed to hate Jews, Westerners, and pretty much anyone different than themselves. And judging by the amount of weaponry present, they're obviously pretty committed to violence.

Is that the "peaceful, tolerant" religion you've been trying to tell all of us about?



#1 antisineman 15-Dec-2006
ick. nice topic. rather tasteless.

CAIR needs to get a grip.
#2 The Jawa Report 15-Dec-2006
Beth has the details. UPDATE 12/15 by Rusty: I initially hesitated to run the story because one of the things we do here at The Jawa Report is try to get ISPs to take down the kind of websites which...
#3 IMAO 15-Dec-2006
A blogger (Right Wing Howler) quoted part of one of my editorials (adding a few remarks of his own), and...
#4 Brian 15-Dec-2006
Yeah, I'd agree - it was pretty tasteless.

But tastelessness doesn't automatically rise to the level of "hate speech," does it? At least, outside of Ahmed's World?
#5 MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 15-Dec-2006
I can’t believe this BULLSHIT!

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ — The Tampa, Fla., office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) is calling on an Internet web hosting company in that state to drop a hate site that s...
#6 Hyscience 15-Dec-2006
In my book the blog site condoning the murder of Muslim children, and CAIR, are very similar in degree of evil - the difference is that CAIR is the most evil and sinister of the two, while additionally, possesses the capability to inflict the most death and loss of freedom to Muslims and non-Muslims, alike.
#7 Freedoms Zone 15-Dec-2006
The Tampa, Fla., office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) is calling on an Internet web hosting company in that state to drop a hate site that supports calls to "kill all Muslim kids." While I certainly believe that it is wrong to support the killing of Muslim children, or any non-combatant, CAIR's complaint and action is a severe case of the pot calling the kettle black. As Rusty notes, this is very ironic since this is the same CAIR which has no problem supporting the genocidal maniacs of Hamas [(see "The Religion of Peace (and child abuse)"]. We...
#8 Stop The ACLU 15-Dec-2006
Hat tip: Beth at MVRWC:
CAIR has been successful in silencing the free speech of a fellow blogger and friend of ours. What for? Well the press release claims his blog was a “Hate Site” that supports killing all Muslim kids.
The Tampa, ...
#9 Radioactive Liberty 15-Dec-2006
So let me get this right. It’s ok to kill babies as long as they aren’t born yet, especially if they have stem cells that haven’t ever been able to do anything but it’s not ok to kill muslim babies.
These people train their chi...
#10 Radioactive Liberty 15-Dec-2006
So let me get this right. It’s ok to kill babies as long as they aren’t born yet, especially if they have stem cells that haven’t ever been able to do anything but it’s not ok to kill muslim babies.
These people train their chi...
#11 Blogs of War 15-Dec-2006
It looks like even linking to parody, along with pressure from CAIR, can result in the loss of your hosting account.
A blogger (Right Wing Howler) quoted part of one of my editorials (adding a few remarks of his own), and the Council on American-Islami...
#12 philip3 17-Dec-2006
The Mualims Allah apparently has horns.
#13 philip3 17-Dec-2006
The Muslims' Allah apparently has horns. It is sad that the Muslims have also grown horns. Of course not all of them, but many of them. Too many! Why can't they understand that hatred isn't the answer? Hatred always translates into violence.
#14 Dennis Godsey 19-Dec-2006
It is quite obvious to me, CAIR either fully supports what is going on, in hope of taking some measure of power for themselves, or they are guttless cowards who would do anything to save their own skins. As an American, and very proud of being so, i think that untill this deviant teaching of this hatred, is eliminated from the world, this is neverr going to end. It is very unfortunate that they teach their children this vile phylosophy, which for myway of thinking is the ultimate form of child abuse. And we as Americans will have to deal with this situation for endless years. The only way this is going to end is to do something so shocking, that the world would most likely call us barbarians of the lowest order. We have to break the mindset that breeds these people , superior arms and technology will not do this. I would remind the world that the ultimate value of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan was not their destuctive force, but the sheer psycological shock value which broke the will of the Japanese high command to continue the fight. Do we need to go to such exstemes? I hope not, but it will take something that will shake these people to their very core to break the mindset that drives them.
#15 vasanth 20-Dec-2006
whether children, men or women all muslims are terrorists and for generations and in all part of the wrold and from the date their religion came into existence and until they exist on the earth
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