The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

It's amusing

"We'll agree to a truce... so long as we can keep killing the JOOS!"
... to note that Ismael Haniyeh is promising the State of Israel a 20-year truce (in exchange for "guaranteed" Palestinian statehood, including the continued demand for Palestinian --i.e., Arab-- ownership of Jerusalem). Considering that neither Fatah nor Hamas have the integrity to honor a one-week truce (I mean, how hard IS it to "cease firing," anyway?), and the somewhat spotty history of the veracity of the truces agreed to with other regimes in the area, I'm not seeing any reason for Israel to even consider sitting down at the negotiating table...



#1 forest 20-Dec-2006
20 years? I thought 10 years was the maximum allowed for a hudna.
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