The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

One for the ol' Reading List

I will definitely be adding this book to my little reading list, (courtesy FR)

The European political and media establishment turned a blind eye to all this, selling out women, Jews, gays, and democratic principles generally—even criminalizing free speech—in order to pacify the radical Islamists and preserve the illusion of multicultural harmony. The few heroic figures who dared to criticize Muslim extremists and speak up for true liberal values were systematically slandered as fascist bigots. Witnessing the disgraceful reaction of Europe's elites to 9/11, to the terrorist attacks on Madrid, Beslan, and London, and to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Bawer concluded that Europe was heading inexorably down a path to cultural suicide.

Here it is on Amazon, if you're interested. All proceeds will help support my little slice of the evil Zionist conspiracy, of course.


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