The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

MKHam learns that facts don't matter

Liberals love to ruin these.
... to the Washington Post. And it truly is disgusting to see the Post's perpetual smears of churches that have the utter audacity to disagree with the Core Tenets of Liberalism. She'd probably be highly amused by this moonbat's take (Hey, "moonbat" is a lot more polite than what I'm thinking!) on the discussion of these historic churches voting to leave the pack of communists which are running the church today (which Mz. Gunderson certainly seems to be one of).

Believe me, I've bookmarked Mizzzzzz Gunderson's "work" for a later fisking. Hopefully, if I'm bored sometime in the near future, I'll come up with some good old-fashioned enjoyment for y'all!

Three cheers to Truro and Falls Church for leaving that wretched "Den of Sin!" Hopefully Pohick will do the same, so I can finally pay them a respectful visit one Sunday!


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