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"Escalation" of Lebanese violence coming?

Via MEMRI, we learn that Hezbullah is planning a "next phase" of their "intifada" in Lebanon, scheduled to commence on this coming Monday. Does this mean that Beirut will be aflame again?

The editor of the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, which is close to Hizbullah, reported that on January 8, 2007 there will begin "a new phase of the intifada of the Lebanese opposition" which is to be a phase of intensive confrontation with the regime. He added that for the past several days, the opposition had been conducting discussions in order to draw up a work plan for the actions.

My bet is that this means that they're tired of not getting attention in the Western press with their current "open-ended protest," and so they're planning something spectacular to re-gain the media's attention.

Believe you me, I will definitely be cataloguing photographs of this mess, when it starts. Keep your eyes here for the photographs next Monday, folks!

Update: Jeha has touched on this already, though I'll definitely be watching for more of his reports as Monday gets closer. Another good site to watch for news is From Beirut to the Beltway, though Abu Kais hasn't had anything directly regarding this alert yet.

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