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Quick Lebanon Update

Jeha sent this today via e-mail:

Here is an article from the Daily Star;

notice two things;

1- all the persons quoted are junior. real action is commanded by the
seniors, and their absence means they have no idea how to proceed with
their "escalation"

2- My guess is that Hezb is grossly miscalculating again. On verras next

Could be very interesting, indeed. Many thanks for the update, Jeha!

Update: I meant to post this yesterday evening, but neglected to. Jeha updated with a rather humourous look at the "Marketization" of Hezbullah. According to Jeha, this is what he means when he suggests that Hezbullah is "overreaching." You may be onto something there, Sir!

In any case, we'll be tuning into the feeds bright and early tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for updates!

Update: So far, I'm not seeing much on the wires. I'll be posting updates over here, so stay tuned!

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