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Law of Gravity: Yesterday's News

You've gotta admire Congressman Sali's gutso:

Down with Gravity!
COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) - Angered by the passage of a bill to increase the federal minimum wage, Idaho Congressman Bill Sali offered a symbolic proposal to abolish the law of gravity.

Getting rid of the pesky force that attracts objects to one another would lower obesity rates, the freshman Republican argues.

Sali says he was trying to make a point that laws to dictate wages and reduce gravity would both defy - quote- "natural laws."
Sali voted against the increase in the minimum wage, saying it's not tied to how much someone's work is worth.

After all, if the Congress feels it can eliminate the laws of economics via legislation, why not other highly overrated natural laws?



#1 captainfish 12-Jan-2007
how funny.

yeah, it is silly, but just as silly as paying a zit-filled teenager $7/hour to make a <$1 hamburger. Now, those hamburgers are gonna cost over $1.

Also, those people who had been earing $7 per hour (above minimum wage) are now earning minimum wage. How long do you think it will take before they start asking for a $2 raise!?!?!

This whole thing is rediculous.
#2 Hapkido 13-Jan-2007
Yeah, I've already discussed this one, but you know I had to chime in on your post.

It's just silly to force a wage on a company (unless you're Starkist/Del Monte, right Madam Speaker?) as a minimum standard for pay. Reasonably, pay should be 1) whatever the market will support & 2) whatever someone will accept as their wage.

At some point the individual will have to (*gasp*) think for him/herself, determine what the appropriate wage is for the lifestyle chosen & take the steps necessary to earn it.

Self-reliance...liberals hardly knew ye.
#3 captainfish 16-Jan-2007
Will this mean those that earned $7.50 per hour will now be earning minimum wage? And therefore will seek a wage increase up to $9.50 per hour? And then those making $9.50/hour will seek a wage increase to $11.50??

And those making the milk, eggs, bacon, bread, cereals will seek wage increases... making the increase in minimum wage all but moot.

If you don't like your minimum wage job, then don't work there or ask for a raise. If you have 3 kids to raise, then don't get a minimum wage job.

Guess I am going to have to thank Pelosi. For if her bill passes, then I can turn around and seek a raise from $15/hour to $17/hour. Of course, since I work for a university, that might mean the university would have to raise tuition.
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