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The Future of Europe

Thanks to generations of political correctness to the nth degree, this is what the future holds for Eurabia (and to my Liberal readers, this is what I mean by "Eurabia!")

Sermon at Major Mosque in Vienna: Jewish and Christian Women are Prostitutes (h/t MEMRI)

In a sermon at a major mosque in Vienna (the Shura mosque in the 2nd district in Vienna), Imam Adnan Ibrahim (see picture below), an Austrian of Palestinian origin, declared that the marriage of a Muslim to "Women of the Book," meaning Jewish and Christian women, is forbidden because these women were "prostitutes."

Imam Adnan Ibrahim, New European, hates da joos. Just like old Europeans.



#1 mert 09-Jan-2007
Do you know why these guys don't
believe in mirrors?
Because if they ever looked at their
image, they'd see how frickn' fugly
they are.
They won't ever have any luck atall
in meat meet space, even with
Double baggers all!
#2 captainfish 09-Jan-2007
Isn't he wit da shizzle.
#3 Brian 10-Jan-2007
Fo sho, yo!

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