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No Firewall left unturned [correction]

Orig: A war even Jon Carry would support (This is a non-story, folks. My sincerest apologies to "Jon C.")

Are we going to be hearing Jon Carry declare war on Venezuela? Will he denounce the communist leader, Hugo Chavez, who is now in the process of nationalizing the nation's industry? After all, now that his his personal ticket to wealth is involved, maybe he'll have something to say about it:

Venezuelan military seized a Heinz Ketchup plant in Venezuela's Monagas state last Monday. Heinz company representatives complained that the seizure represented, "a violation of property rights and free trade as well as due process." Venezuela's Minister for Agriculture and Land, Antonio Albarrán, argued, though, that 80% of the plant actually belongs to the workers and that Heinz bought the plant illegally in 1996. The plant has been closed for nearly a decade, according to Albarrán.

Hey Jon: This is the socialism that you and your Massachussettsan compatriots support. Maybe you ought to "BOHICA" like the rest of us. After all, what's good for the goose (i.e., arbitrary property seizures), is good for the gander, right?

After all, you are quite the gander...

Saving the environment, 9 gallons at a time.

Update: LOL, as usual, Gateway Pundit chimes in with the good line, "No Blood for Ketchup." Thanks for that chuckle, GP!

Update/Correction: LOL, this article dates back to Friday, Sep 09, 2005, which I would've noticed, had I bothered to "circumvent" the "office's" firewall and read the source article fully. My apologies for trumping a non-story, but hopefully y'all will still find some amusement here.

Many thanks to Fausta for pointing out my faux pas. Oh, and:

"Curses! Foiled again!"

I hope I can make it up to you, somehow.


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