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Democrats and History

... still utterly incompatible. It never ceases to amaze me how often the Democrats get their clocks cleaned when they try to quote or otherwise use an "historic" event to score some political points (h/t RiehlWorldView).

Thomas Jefferson purchased the Koran back in 1765. While studying law he looked at how legal systems around the world affected societies. Looking at how other societies governed themselves does not mean he agreed with them or held them in high regard. In the March 22, 2004 edition of the journal Early American Literature, Kevin J. Hayes wrote a piece titled "How Thomas Jefferson read the Qur'an". In the piece, while I feel Hayes was a bit critical of those who dislike Islam, he is totally honest about Thomas Jefferson's view of the Koran, Islam and it's followers. Because although Mr. Hayes starts his piece trying to be as kind as possible regarding Jefferson's view of the Koran, he has to tell the undeniable truth. That Jefferson thought lowly of the Koran.

If our press were "fair and balanced," you'd expect them to have done enough digging to present some of these facts with their story. Unfortunately, since they're gung-ho on selling the Communist Democratic party line, they accepted and repeated the Democratic Party's assertions as fact.


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