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The Law

E-85: Efficiency through Better Wishing.
... of Unintended Consequences will never fail us. It seems that, predictably, another environmentalist sham is going to be causing us some grief, and, as always, nothing comes for free.

Remember all that talk about how "Ethanol" fuels would change the face of the industry? Corn-gas would allow us to grow our own fuel, and let us be independent of the Oil Monopoly, we were told. Of course, when the numbers started coming in, we came to learn that the fuel efficiency of this Magical Mystery Material just didn't stack up to Plain-Ol' Petrol, which means that the laws of physics still remain in effect. (I like the "Bush Administration" angle in that last link, especially considering where the Ethanol push originated... and hint to you libtards: It Ain't Bush!)

Fortunately for all of humanity, we now discover that the laws of economics still rule as well:

Ethanol plants and foreign buyers are gobbling the nation's corn supplies, pushing prices as high as $3.40 a bushel, the Agriculture Department said Friday.

Farmers haven't seen prices this high for more than a decade. The monthly crop report forecast even better prices than in December, raising the estimate 10 cents to $3 to $3.40 a bushel.

The good news? This may encourage small farmers to once again grow corn, which could help save quite a few of them from certain bankruptcy. After all, I seem to recall a few other cash crops that've done wonders for my fair Commonwealth's economy sometime in the past.

In any case, my point remains the same: Liberals breed environmentalism, Environmentalism breeds pain, therefore Liberals breed pain. When they're not jet-setting around the nation in their 200-gallons-per-mile private jets.

The Democratic Party: Truly the voice of the little people.


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