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The Endless Depth of Entitlementism

We Conservatives can proudly say that we warned the country of the endless scope of the "entitlement" theories espoused and practised by the Left long ago. Case in point, from the Houston Comical:

Legislation would end Texas' pioneering law granting [ed.: i.e., an "entitlement"] in-state rate, financial aid

Alex—like many students at the University of Houston—is balancing academics with a job. Without the luxury of wealth [ed.: How about the "luxury" of paying your own way through school?], he spends many days each week working construction to pay tuition.

But he faces one more obstacle on the way to a bachelor's degree—his immigration status.

Texas lawmakers have filed at least four bills that would abolish a groundbreaking state law that allows Alex, who asked that his last name not be used because he is in the country illegally, to pay cheaper in-state tuition rates and receive financial aid at UH.

Can you guess the position taken by the editors of the Comical? Does the appellation "Comical" suddenly make more sense? Do you think that the editors of the Comical care that the "cheaper" in-state tuition granted to these illegal aliens are subsidized by the taxpayers of the State of Texas?

These questions, and more, will continue to elude the clueless buffoons of the Left.



#1 captainfish 12-Jan-2007
I still, and never will, get it. How come an illegal person can get in-state tution from my university (Oklahoma) while I, born in Oklahoma, have to pay non-resident fees. I am forced to pay non-resident because I lived and resided in another state for a few years before moving back to Oklahoma. Therefore, even though I am a US citizen, own property in Oklahoma, I am considered a non-resident in Oklahoma according to my University. (not according to the state though)
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