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Daily "Look, He's Not Dead"

Well looky here! Apparently, after recognizing that the world wasn't accepting Chavez's recent grandstanding as proof that Fidel was alive, the two Dictators are again dancing for the cameras. The fact that these guys have to continually "prove" that Fidel is still alive is proof enough to me that, without the "cult of personality," their ideas are totally bankrupt.

Dance, puppets! Dance!

Cuba's President Fidel Castro (L) greets his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez in Havana January 29, 2007. State television showed Fidel Castro for the first time in three months on Tuesday and the ailing Cuban leader said he was still in the fight to recover from surgery that forced him to relinquish power last July. Picture taken January 29, 2007 REUTERS/Juventud Rebelde/Handout (CUBA)

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