The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Lo and behold

... when the press attention starts to fade, we learn that Hezbullah's intentions were less than pure? The shock!! (h/t LGF). Mental note to you Leftists for your future reference: Charity done for the sake of attention is never genuine! It certainly never benefits the citizens it's intended to help.

This Hezbollah stronghold would soon rise again, the leaders of both the town and the militant group's building arm, Construction Jihad, said defiantly.

More than five months later, however, with winter here and Lebanon's government enmeshed in political crisis, the tractors are gone, the army of men has disappeared and Bint Jbail's town center still resembles Dresden after World War II.

"They told us everything was going to be rebuilt soon," Mr. Seyed said Tuesday, speaking of town leaders. "They're not doing anything now. We want to build but they won't let us. They promise to pay us, but they don't. All we want is our homes back and they won't even let us have them!"

  #Israel/Lebanon War 2006


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