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The Myth of the "Charitable" Jihadi

Chad at Freedom Zone has an excellent writeup on the myths surrounding Hezbullah's past charity drive that is well worth reading. Specifically,

The second myth this destroys is how Hezbollah intends to fight its war against both Israel/Infidels and the Lebanese government. The myth is that Hezbollah cares for the Shia in Lebanon and has the interest of all of Lebanon in their sights. The reality is far more mundane. They are camera prostitutes, selling their bodies for photos and television reports to confuse the world as to their intentions. Stick a camera in their faces in any of the rather obvious staged photo shoots, they greet you with open arms. Catch them off guard and they will forcefully tell you to cease with the photography. When all cameras are gone, they get back to what they do best, sowing seeds of hatred by mass deception.

Thank you for the very insightful article, Chad! You've masterfully put to words something I've only been thinking for a while.

  #Israel/Lebanon War 2006

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