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Putting Chaos into Context

Ordinarily, photos like these would be plastered with dire claims of Israel's culpability. Unfortunately for the Jihadists, there is no IDF action connected to these events, so the press has no whipping-post to play with in the captions this time. Based on the fact that munitions were found in this Hamas leader's house, is it safe to assume that the houses that have been "destroyed" by the IDF were also, in fact, severely damaged by the exploding ordnance stored within them?

Don't hold your breath waiting for the press to tell you. They're not interested in the truth, if it goes against their warped world-view.

People inspect the destroyed house of a senior Fatah leader after clashes between Fatah and Hamas in the northern Gaza strip January 27, 2007. At least two Palestinians were killed on Saturday when rival factions clashed in the Gaza Strip near the pro-Hamas Islamic University, hospital officials said. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

See the rest of the pictures, including the contraband found on-site, following the break.

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Updates: Richard of EU Referendum points out that I've missed the obvious--it's clearly Bush's Fault(tm)! Many thanks for the correction, Sir! It's been duly noted!

Also, Doug Ross has stumbled across the top secret house plans used by Construction Jihad, Hezbullah's charity construction firm. Thanks alot for bringing the additional fun, Doug!

I'm working on tracking stories surrounding this event, but this is proving to be difficult, as it seems to only be a sidenote to larger stories. I guess it's only "Page One" news if the destruction can be pinned on Israel, huh?

Hamas, Fatah exchange gunfire in Gaza
In Friday's fighting, one of the flashpoints was the home of a Fatah gunmen, Mansour Shaleil, in the Jebaliya refugee camp near Gaza City.

Hamas gunmen surrounded the home early Friday to detain Shaleil, accusing him of involvement in a shooting that killed two Hamas supporters. After an hours-long standoff, dozens of Hamas gunmen stormed the house and exchanged fire with Shaleil and his supporter, according to witnesses and ambulance drivers.

They later withdrew, Palestinian media reported, leaving Shaleil unharmed. Two men identified as Hamas militants were killed.

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