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Daily Dictator

With Iran's signals that it will be celebrating its entrance into the nuclear era coming soon, now's a good time to underline the importance and value of useful idiots in a dictatorship.

Students form a human chain around the Azadi (Freedom) Square to show support for Iran's nuclear program in Tehran February 5, 2007. Iran will not suspend its uranium enrichment work as demanded by a U.N. sanctions resolution, the country's top nuclear official said on Sunday in the latest statement of defiance from Tehran as a U.N. deadline looms. The words on the boys' shirts read, 'Making use of peaceful nuclear energy is our right'. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi (IRAN)



#1 Roger+Williams 05-Feb-2007
What? You mean a sternly worded letter of disapproval drafted by concerned officials at the United Nations won't actually deter Iran from building nuclear weapons? Really?
#2 Brian 05-Feb-2007
LOL, I'm sure that Ahmadnuclearpants is just shivering in his boots at the thought!


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