The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


A Federal financial outlay that the Press is going on record as hating. Can you guess which Federal agency is receiving the brunt of their anger?

Is it Agriculture, the ever-present symbol of the everyday Farmer? Or maybe it's NIH, and their endless search for the Cure. Surely the President's oft-maligned Kennedy Education Program is targeted for extra scorn?

Not. Even. Warm. Check it:

A one dollar chrome printing plate. US President George W. Bush submitted a 2.9 trillion-dollar government budget request for the next fiscal year to Congress, including tens of billions of dollars for military operations in Iraq.(AFP/File/Shawn Thew)

Of course, never let me insinuate that our government is bloated. After all, the Military does receive a whopping 3 percent higher amount than the $400 billion in other Federal civilian outlays.

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