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I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Great Leader Kim Il-Sung, father of Dear Leader Generalissimo Kim Jung-Il, for his sweeping victory in the Top Ten Dictators Revolutionary People's Leaders Contest. Even though the contest was sponsored by a Yankee colonial capitalist pig, it is still concrete proof that Great Leader Eternal President Marshal Kim, and his chosen successor Dear Leader Generalissimo Kim, the Shining Sun and Hope of All Mankind, are truly the voice of the People. (Be sure to let me know if I got any of this wrong, Songun...)

Great Leader Kim Il-Sung, leading the People bravely from atop the sacred Mt. Paektu.

As a side note, were you aware that our own Great Leader was also the Greatest singer in all of the world? I bet you didn't! Considering all of his other great talents, and now this, it's no wonder that he was bestowed with such honours by even the lowly Yankee colonialists!

(And finally, if any of you are reading this and still don't quite know what's going on, you may consider this little hint.)



#1 Roger Williams 08-Feb-2007
To the winner, the spoils. The Great Leader's Top 10 profile has been completed. All praise to juche self-reliance for the people's great accomplishment, etc. etc.
#2 Brian 09-Feb-2007


Thanks again for your valuable resource, good sir. Your blog is an *awesome* quick-reference for Dictators!

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