The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Glorious Jihadi Linkage

Wow, in what's sure to be a first for the history of Snapped Shot, I'm, well, proud to announce that one of the photographs in our cache has officially been included in an online article over at al Jazeera, the Voice of the Jihadis. Of course, it goes without saying that my link to their article does not indicate that I condone or accept their message in the least, but it's still amusing to note that they're using we Kuf'r infidels to supply their every propagandistic need. See my original story for details which al Jazeera sees fit to leave out.

Exit question: Anyone have any suggestions of more appropriate images to replace al-Jazeera's direct link? I'm thinking of something a little bit more suitable... Do we do it? Or do we just leave the image as-is and ululate over the Pure Pwnage potential?

Update: Ah, what the heck? They should know better than linking to remote images directly anyway. Al Jazeera has officially been pwn3d!

I've saved PDFs of both stages, which I'll post eventually. Until then, clicky on the screenies for much joy.

Before and After

New exit question: Does this make me evil? In either case, I offer this to you as my utmost effort towards promoting peace and stability.

As of 11:54 EST, the "corrected" graphic is still up and visible on the story. I'll be waiting anxiously for it to "suddenly" be "disappeared."

Update: As the illustrious (and most observant!) Bryan Preston points out, this is Al Jazeera newsmagazine, not Al Jazeera the international news network. Not that you'd be able to tell any difference by the content, but that definitely explains why I didn't recognize the styleguide right away. Duly noted, and thanks for the tip, Bryan!

Oh, and 17:00 EST, alternate graphic is still up and live. Cute!

Update: A record-setting day for Snapped Shot. We've had over 11,000 pageviews since the story broke at noonish Eastern time, and while things've dropped off a bit, the server stayed under pretty heavy load all night. This does mean that we're within a hair of the much-coveted (at least, by me) 100,000 Visits metric, and will certainly have passed the 150,000 Pageviews metric by midnight. Does this mean that Snapped Shot is officially in the blogosphere now? I sure hope y'all are enjoying it, in either case!

One thing that we did discover through this whole shindig is that Snapped Shot is currently running on a broken disk which is threatening us with imminent failure, so again—and I do hate to ask, but I hate being an inconvenience to Phill even more—if you have a few dollars to spare, please help Phill keep Snapped Shot up and running!

Oh, and as of this writing, the image is still up on the website. Does this mean that they don't pay close attention to their content? Or that their readers don't pay much attention? Either way, I can't imagine that'd be a good thing.

Many thanks to all of you who've commented on and enjoyed this story. I'm trying to round up the links here, but if I miss you, don't think I did so on purpose! Feel free to share your linkage in the Comments section, or via the Contact Page.

Linkroll: LGF, National Review (Media Blog), Hot Air, Ace of Spades HQ, Gateway Pundit, 1angrychristian, Panzer Central, Ambrosia Software forum, Noisy Room, Balance Sheet, Blog-o-Fascists/Riehl World View, Say Anything, しまった, Myrtus, Hyscience, Political Humor, Hardcore Politics, Iconic Surrealism, A Perfect Contradiction, Resolutely Reganesque, History Nerd, Freedom's Zone, My Pet Jawa, NeoZionoid, Conservative Underground, Arena of Ideas (fantastic theme there, Sirs!), TailOverTeaKettle.

LOL! Political Humor's alternate version of my alternate graphic is much gooder:

... notice I did NOT hotlink their graphic here... ;)

I love the tie-in to one of my other great obsessions (which will be back online as soon as traffic dies down some more...)

Wow, even the Leftosphere "showmoretitsosphere" (thanks for the correction, Bodnoirbabe) is beginning to show signs of enjoying this little snafu! Welcome, Sensible Erection readers! I promise I won't be too objectionable while you're here...

Oh, also, it seems that someone was kind enough to post a link to this on Digg! (which I just corrected - d'oh.. :) ), so if you feel like it, feel free to do what ye do best! Many thanks for the linkage again, 1angrychristian!

Ack, in other neglected-credit-where-credit-is-due news, I meant to say earlier that the Mohammed image used to, well, "enhance" the Al website almost certainly came from Zombie's most excellent Mohammed Image Archive—Many thanks for that eternally-useful collection of images, Zombie!

Neat! We hit 150,000 pageviews sometime shortly before 23:40 EST... which sounds like a very good excuse to celebrate to me! :)

Game Over
09:00 EST: I woke up this morning to find about an inch of snow outside (yay), and that Al Jazeera has removed all graphics from their article (boo). That's too bad—if it were still under my control, I was thinking of switching things over to a nice Snapped Shot advertisement later in the day.. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted! I'll post PDFs of the before/after pages sometime later on today, so you can enjoy it once more!

The Aftermath
Here are my PDF captures of the site, before and after.

Also, for those of you who're not familiar with the questions surrounding the Al Jazeera story, please be sure to check out the details, which I explored before this whole mess started. I'm convinced that Israel is wholly blameless in this little girl's death, and am confident that when the facts come out, they'll clearly confirm so.



#1 jim hoft 07-Feb-2007
Brian- I saved a screen shot for you...

Hope this brightens your day!
#2 Brian 07-Feb-2007
LOL! It sure does! Thank you VERY much for sharing, Jim!

Warmest Regards,
#3 velvethammer 07-Feb-2007
Hey thanks for the link!
What a story! I can not tell you how much of a thrill this was for me. And the hits you received, OMG! That has got to tell you something, huh?
Question, I am fairly new to this game why did my blog name (Ironic Surrealism) become struck out when I clicked on it? LOL That flipped me out. :)

Kudos! VH
#4 Brian 09-Feb-2007

I was definitely amazed at the reaction to my little shenannigans, that's for sure!


That's a "feature" (if you want to call it that) of Serendipity... it's supposed to show you which links you've already clicked on a page, and which ones you haven't visited yet. (If you clear your browser's history, you'll notice that your link goes back to being "normal" again..)

Warmest Regards,
#5 Macrina 07-Oct-2007
Hi, Brian -

I tried to see the 'after' graphic, but when I clicked it, only the 'before' showed up.

Off topic, I can't help but feel some concern at the amount of personal information you include about yourself on this site. If it is accurate - not to seem overly paranoid - it would not be difficult for some Islamo-fascist to find you. That could be most unfortunate.
#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 08-Oct-2007

Thanks for pointing that little glitch out—it should be fixed now!

I do greatly appreciate your concern, though I think that a lot of this risk is an unavoidable part of living in the "information" age. It's [i]trivially[/i] easy to find out information about anyone, once you know their name—For instance, I [i]have[/i] been threatened in this manner before. Thankfully, it was just a crank from the People's Republic of California.

Personally, I trust in God to protect me. I believe He's put me here for a purpose (whatever it is), and as a result, He will call me home in His own time. I've done my best to provide for my family in the event that this eventuality becomes a reality, of course.

I will do my best to hang in over here! One of the first decisions I made in starting this blog is that I will [i]not[/i] bow to cowardice, that the topics I discuss are important enough that I'm willing to disclose my name to y'all.


Warmest Regards,
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