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Let The Stonings Begin

Pakistan, our so-called ally in the Middle East, submits to religious barbarians and agrees to allow the enforcement of the sharia in certain tribal areas:

An agreement to bring peace back to the tribal areas of Pakistan, but by using sharia as the common thread for local politics. This is the agreement signed yesterday by the provincial government of the North-West Frontier, which has released Maulana Sufi Muhammad - leader of the outlaw militants of Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat Muhammadi (TRISM) - in exchange for a cease-fire in the areas controlled by the Islamic militias.

The Pakistani police had stopped Muhammad in November of 2001, while he was crossing the border of Afghanistan to organise the "anti-American resistance". In 2002, the judges had condemned him to 10 years in prison.

Now, with the peace agreement, Islamabad has withdrawn the accusations against the guerilla leader and has dissolved the rest of his sentence. Also according to the agreement his organisation, banned in 2002, will "continue its struggle for the enforcement of sharia law (Islamic Law) through peaceful means".

Through peaceful means? The sharia is a contradiction to 'peaceful,' invoking such barbaric, primitive punishments as stoning to death women who are raped but unable to provide 4 male witnesses. The sharia is akin to witch trials, which has long since been discredited by simple logic and rationality. But when we allow a 7th century mentality to exist in the 21st century, should we really be surprised that such cruelty the sharia perpetuates continues to thrive?

My heart goes out to the modern victims of Muhammad's savagery.

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